Upwork Alternatives: 32 Best Freelance Websites in 2017

Working right next to your bed or anywhere in the world is sooo tempting.

Freelance websites make it easy for aspiring freelancers to browse through hundreds, even thousands, of work-from-home jobs that promise work/life balance while bringing in more money on the table.

Freelancing doesn’t guarantee a steady cash flow, though. But this type of job doesn’t limit your earning potential either.

In case you’re new to freelancing, most freelancers work on a project basis or on a short-term contract, of course, minus the benefits that are usually awarded to traditional employees.

What makes Upwork – the no. 1 freelance site – unattractive?

More often than not, most beginning freelancers are lured into finding their first freelance job on Upwork.

It’s like saying, “Upwork” = “Freelancing”.

Yes, Upwork is definitely the largest freelance website after Elance and Odesk have merged. It houses thousands of job postings from small to mid-sized businesses, and even from Fortune 1000 companies.

But Upwork has caused a lot of frustrations and troubles to its freelancers lately. Seasoned freelancers, who’ve built solid profiles with them for years, have lately been locked down without any sensible explanation. (Here’s a good example for you to read.)

Their platform doesn’t support integration with useful applications that could result to faster and better project management. No wonder freelancers, and even clients, opt to bring the project out of Upwork.

What’s more alarming?

Inside sources say that Upwork’s internal search engine algorithm was changed to keep those in the bottom 10% profiles invisible to clients.

If you think that’s too much, well, there could nothing be more disheartening  than Upwork taking 20% from your first hard-earned $500 contract.

Finding an Upwork alternatives could save you from this unfair system, it’s somehow more practical to “branch out” instead to other platforms so you don’t have to rely on one source of clients. Multiple sources of income (or should I say clients) means you’re not putting all your eggs on one basket.

If it’s famine on Upwork, at least, you still have several platforms to catch fish for dinner.

But how about steak for dinner?

Ahhh..Behold the truth: you can find those clients willing to pay you for STEAK outside Upwork!

In this post, we’ll show you an epic list of freelance websites that are better alternatives to Upwork where you can build steady flow of clients with lesser charge or none at all.

But before we dive in…..

If you are thinking of creating your own blog as a portfolio to attract more clients easily, then please do so.

Take action NOW! It shouldn’t be too pricey for you to build your freelance business.

Not techie? No biggie, we have step-by-step easy guides and tips for you on how to set up your blog.

But if you aren’t ready yet, that’s okay.

You can still land jobs on these Upwork alternatives even without a blog; as long as you can prove that you have what it takes to help them in their business.

How to get started?

If you are a beginning freelancer, the very first thing you need to do is to…..get an online payment service, of course. You sure want to get paid, right?

To get started, you need to select your payment method. And the most recommend payment methods are Payoneer or PayPal.

Shall we start rollin’? Oh yeah, drum roll please….

Top 32 Upwork Alternatives

Freelance Platforms

Freelancers either have to bid for projects that interest them on these kind of platforms or directly apply on the job posting without the bidding process.

Your platform’s online profile and ratings serve as one of the determining factors for you to land a job. And once awarded, you can start working for a client and get paid either thru fixed or an hourly price.

1. Freelancer

Is the second largest freelancing site, and could also be the best Upwork alternative.

Freelancer is an Australian global outsourcing marketplace which works similarly to Upwork but with lesser fees — 10% for fixed projects or $5 USD , whichever is greater, and 10% for hourly projects.

See here for the exact details.

Aside from job bidding projects, clients also run contests on this site to see hundreds of other ideas for their business needs; with the best one taking home the prize.

Freelancer - Freelance Websites Upwork Alternatives

2. GoLance

A freelance platform which has a service fee of 10% , just like what Odesk (now Upwork) used to charge. But before you roll your eyes with the 10% fee, GoLance has actually more to offer than job postings.

It also has an affiliate program which lets you earn 1% of the lifetime earnings of your referral. Of course, they should be hired and get paid first before you can earn your referral bonus.


3. Fiverr

Fiverr is the leading freelance marketplace where you sign up for free and sell services starting at $5.  As a seller, you can narrow down your niche depending on your skill and work for buyers/clients who need quick help in social media marketing, article writing, graphic designing and translating, to name a few.

The trick here to stand out among a sea of sellers is to rank higher for search visibility in your chosen category using proper tagging, and creating a compelling image and service description.

Sellers are paid through PayPal, on your Fiverr Revenue card or to your bank account (U.S. only). Please take note that you can only withdraw money 14 days after the order is marked completed while Top Rated Sellers follow a 7-day rule.

4. Outsourcely

If you’re looking for a long-term remote work, then you’re a perfect match for employers posting job ads on Outsourcely.

What’s great about this platform is that they have integrated great tools on their platform like private chat, browser-browser video and voice calling, regular email and even payment processing.

On top of that, Outsourcely  has a built-in Team Workplace platform which is both beneficial for the freelancer and the client.

5. Fourerr

Fourerr works similarly with Fiverr, where clients buy services from hundreds of freelancers starting at $4. As a seller, you have to choose tasks/services that you want to market and be able to produce it as promised on your service description. Good feeback and ratings will make you look credible and qualified — attracting more clients.

Payments are made through PayPal, on your Fourerr account as credits or you can contact their helpdesk and request for pay out through Skrill/MoneyBooker account.

6. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff doesn’t just provide time-tracking software, it’s also a FREE hub for freelancers looking for freelance jobs.

And what’s more is that you get 100% of your earnings (1-0-0%, all yours!). Hubstaff believes that bidding for a job is a complete waste of time.

When you browse for jobs and found one that interests you, read thoroughly the job description and submit your application directly to the hiring company. No middlemen, no hassle!

7. Work Hoppers

Just like Hubstaff Talent, freelancers who get hired through Work Hoppers get all their hard-earned money just for themselves.

You work directly with clients and negotiate on your own terms. The intent of this site is to hire and meet freelancers within their local area and build long-term relationships.

8. LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is LinkedIn’s new professional services marketplace to find freelance jobs in your area —  a feature available to LinkedIn Premium Business subscription.

Your first 10 proposals are free to submit so you can test how the platform and the process works. The downside is this is currently available within the U.S. only.

9. Guru

The coolest thing perhaps with Guru is that you are sure that you won’t get scammed. With this site, the client pays Guru before the work process begins.

And once you’re done with the project, and as approved by client, Guru will then release the money. It’s a win-win for both the client and the freelancer. If you want to make the most out of Guru, you can check their membership offers, like search boost, here.

10. CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps is a freelance website that appears to accept on carefully identified projects for freelancers to bid.

Its platform is somehow set up for freelancers which allows you to earn up to $50 or more per hour, however, you must be operating out of the 25 countries where Stripe payouts are supported.

11. SpeedLancer

Speedlancer provides a curated marketplace with defined tasks and defined prices. And yes, it lives up to its name “speed”, which means that all tasks should be turned in within four hours.

But take note that not all jobs are available to all freelancers.

SpeedLancer’s freelance writers, for instance, are exclusively from English speaking countries like the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

12. Work With Anyone

This freelancing website is ideally for intermediate or expert freelancers. But I won’t rule out beginning freelancers, though.

On this website, you can create a freelance team, with each member being an expert on certain field.

And once you’ve set up your A-team, you can advertise your team through social media to potential clients. Your team can start earning either through freelancing service or selling digital goods with WorkWithAnyone’s very owned freelance website for team.

13. Envato Studio

Envato Studio is part of the Envato Network which is one of the largest and most successful online creative hub predominantly for designers and programmers. You have to submit an application through one of these forms and wait for an invite.

Freelancers are protected by making sure that clients/service buyers commit to upfront payments. Payments will be released upon confirmation of project completion.

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Top Freelance Websites That Are Alternatives to Upwork

Specific Freelance Websites

While those above sites could be overwhelming at some point (yeah, they do..), you can directly search for jobs from one of these specific freelance websites below. Included in the list are top freelance websites for designers, programmers and developers, writers, SEO experts and virtual assistants.

14. 99 Designs

Is pretty popular among businesses who are looking for quality designs without the hassle. Clients provide detailed descriptions on how they want their design to be and run a contest to see wide array of completed designs and pick the best one.

What’s in it for the freelancer? Once you win a contest and the prize, you can actually turn this into repeat business or a referring client.

And since 99Designs has already built it’s name, you can post the best designs you have and be noticed among hundreds of online businesses.

15. Design Crowd

From t-shirt design, book cover, logo and web designs — you won’t definitely run out of contests to join on this site.

Design Crowd works similarly with 99Designs. But if you want lesser competition, perhaps, you can go with Design Crowd since it has fewer numbers of registered designers compared to 99Designs.

16. TopTal

While this isn’t ideally for beginning freelance developers/programmers, you can save this as your dream job hub.

TopTal has a rigid application process and only hires the top 3% freelance talent. Why? Well, their clients are some of the big names in the business — from JP Morgan, Airbnb, Zendesk and a whole lot more.

Freelancers here are like the king of the kings; with better pay and big companies to add up on their portfolio.

17. Codeable

If you have the knack for WordPress coding — WP plug-ins, themes and everything about WordPress — then behold the land of WordPress coding jobs.

Working with Codeable guarantees you  a $60/hour minimum rate while rubbing elbows with people who eat, breathe and sleep with WordPress. How’s that as a learning opportunity?

18. iWriter

New writers start at the Standard level with job orders ranging from a $1- $3 for a 300-500 word article. Once you’ve taken 25 freelance writing assignments, you can now go up to the Premium level and finally to an Elite level where you get paid as much as $15+ for an article; even an $80 for a 500-word article. Payments are made through Paypal.

iwriter - Freelance Websites Upwork Alternatives

19. Contently

Contently acts as an online agency for freelance writers and has worked with big brands like GE, HSBC, and American Express. Their pay is among the good ones in the market, which one writer noted online that she was getting 35 cents or more per word.

Are you a wordsmith? Check our epic list of freelance websites for writers.

20. SEOClerks

Is the largest and most reliable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketplace for SEO freelancers. For beginners, SEOClerk is the best and most reliable platform which connects you to clients who won’t scam you.

You can set up different categories for your SEO service while you decide the rate. Among the types of offer that you can set up are: article, service, tweets, ebook, backlinking,  software and more.

21. Zirtual

Zirtual is only open for U.S.-based virtual assistants and only hires on specific U.S. locations. But this company offers worldwide virtual assistance from start-ups to medium-sized companies. After extensive online digging, Zirtual Assistants  are being paid for $10-$15 per hour but the pay still varies depending on the client and the plan they had with Zirtual.

22. Gigbucks

Operated by internet marketing veterans, this company has been in the industry for 15 years. It works similarly like Fiverr where services are sold starting at $5, except that on Gigbucks freelancers can charge as much as $50 for their service. Signing up and posting your service on Gigbucks are free. Freelancers/sellers are get paid through PayPal or Alertpay/Payza and through Gigbucks credits.

23. Taskr.in

Seeking a freelance work? Post a task on Taskr.in by signing up for free. This concept is pretty familiar — and yes, you got that right– it works more or less like Fiverr. You post your service on Taskr.in for 500 Rs (Indian Rupees) or around $7+ (as of writing) and promote your task/service to get buyers’ eyeballs on you.

24. Gigdollars

Is a micro freelance site where you can sell your service for a fixed price starting at $5 up to $1000, according to their About page. Just sign up for free and post your service and choose your own rate. From computer help to gift ideas, graphic designing to writing — you have a room here to post your service.

Gigdollars takes 20% from your earnings as an advertising cost. But it also act as an Escrow service where buyers/clients pay in advance before the work process begins. Payment withdrawal are done through PayPal. Check their full terms of service here.

25. OneSpace

If you have worked on Amazon Mechanical Turk before, perhaps  you have encountered some tasks crowdsourced by OneSpace.  On OneSpace you can do short tasks like image tagging, transcription, website categorization, writing and editing jobs, graphic designing, marketing and more.

You get to add big names on your portofolio like: Staples, Wal-Mart and eBay while you enhance your skills with them. Sign up with OneSpace and get paid quickly for your approved works.

26. 24/7 Virtual Assistants

It offers part-time to full-time services and has two set of plans: U.S-based virtual assistants and the offshore assistants. If you’re interested, just send them your resume at careers@247virtualassistant.com.

Virtual assistants based in the U.S. are paid at $10-$12 per hour depending on VA skills and client’s requirements.

BONUS:  Do you want to kickoff your VA freelance service but don’t know how? Check out VA Networking and dig in some great FREE resources to help you take your VA skills up a notch.

Job Search Engines

This category is a list of big job search engines for freelancing or telecommuting work (you’re an employee for a company, but works remotely instead of commuting to the office). These sites make it easier for you to find freelance/telecommute jobs instead of visiting each company’s page to check if they’re hiring.

27. Flexjobs 

Is the leading job search site for flexible or telecommuting jobs across 55 categories. At Flexjobs, every job is hand-screened and scam-free.

You are guaranteed to access the best job leads on this site at $14.95 monthly subscription, — from full-time to part-time, to telecommute job and freelance jobs — you can all find it here.

The application process is handled directly by the hiring company.

Flexjobs - Freelance Websites Upwork Alternatives

28. Indeed

Aside from on-site jobs, you can also find telecommuting or freelance jobs on Indeed. Just type in “work from home” or related keywords in the “What” search box to filter your search results to only work from home jobs.

Indeed lets you search job postings across thousands of websites. You can also apply to jobs posted directly on Indeed.

29. Simply Hired

Just like Indeed,  Simply Hired is a job search engine for on-site and off-site job postings across the web. To narrow down your search for freelance work or work-from-home jobs, just type in the keywords in the search box.

Upon checking the site, it seems like most of its remote job search results cater to US based applicants or from native English speaking countries like Canada and Australia.

30. Virtual Vocations

A marketplace focused on telecommuting jobs, Virtual Vocations is a BBB accredited business which offers hand-screened jobs to its users with over 40 career categories.

This site predominantly caters to US job seekers as seen on its location categories, but you can actually browse remote works that don’t specify any location.

Just head over to its “Anywhere” category and type in your keyword to filter your job results. They offer paid subscription but you can also gain partial access with their free registration.

31. We Work Remotely

This site is pretty straightforward. Once you land on their homepage, your eyes will feast right away on lists of available jobs that are neatly categorized.

Just like what it’s company name says, jobs found here on WeWorkRemotely are all remote works. This is one of the few sites which specifically post jobs for managers and executives.

32. Online Jobs PH

The largest online jobs for Filipinos, where you can find hundreds of active jobs per day. You can find work related to Virtual Assistant, Writing, WordPress, Customer Service, and many more.

This could be the best site to find online jobs if you are not accepted on Upwork.

We also heard a lot of good feedback where they find work in less 1 week.

Recommended Courses from Udemy:

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