Unity Network Review (APS): Earn Unlimited ₱1000 Even While You’re Sleeping

I work from home full time. Yes, I get to see my kids the whole day, prep meal for them and put them to bed. But I always feel guilty about not spending enough time with them.

I’m trading much of my time for money. If I don’t clock in, I don’t get paid.

I know  I am in no position to whine since there are a lot of Filipino parents out there who even left the country to earn better money for their family.

Still, I realized that I belong to the same workforce trying to get out of the rat race.

When I read a post about how someone earned his first million through an “automated system”, there went my AHA moment. I knew I have to be in this so I can be financially free and spend more quality time with my kids.

Perhaps it’s the motherly instinct that led me to sign up eventually after some research.

Unity Network Review: Is it a scam or legit?

You might have read this somewhere on your Facebook feeds, but there are real people earning money while they sleep. 

The moment I’ve read about how Unity Network’s Ascending Profit System that does most of the work for you – sales follow up, product payment, product delivery, and customer service – I was excited to get a close look at how their system work since I’m also reading Russell Brunson’s “Dotcom Secrets”.

And don’t worry, they are registered with SEC under the name UnityNet Corporation. 

Unlike other business that I am aware of (I’ve seen that through Chris’), Unity Network creates not just digital products (ex. Ebook, video presentation) but also courses, workshops, seminars and mastermind coaching through its Ascending Profit System which are all aimed to help you step up your business game using a proven marketing system and strategy that lets you consistently generate income online.

Who can benefit this system?

This system is not for everyone, that’s for sure. This will only work to those….

Aspiring entrepreneur who wants to grow a  business  using this system and be part of the 5% rich Filipino

Preparing for a stable retirement as early as now and want to have the abundance of money even if they’re out from the workforce

Who wants to spend more time with their loved ones and be financially free

Who are willing to commit and take action just to get closer to their life goals, APS is the right one for you.

Ascending Profit System Review

Now you may want to ask, what is Ascending Profit System (APS)?

APS is Unity Network’s system created by the founder of the said company, Eduard Reformina, and his team of marketers. It is a step-by-step coaching program and marketing system that aims to help Filipinos build a business that consistently generates income and eventually lives a life they want.

Using this system will let you earn money using their affiliate program while also learning business marketing strategies to run a business.

 If you want to take action right now and avail their Basic Package here’s what you’ll get:

10 Step Training

Simple and easy to follow through video presentations on how you can earn your first million starting at 1,000, 2,000, 7,000 and 11,000 pesos in commission on each level of package you sold. Yes! It has one of most attractive referral commission in the online affiliate program.

30 Day Traffic Implementation Program (T.I.P) 

Just like the traditional business, we do know that you need to have your product be in front of many people for a higher chance of sales. More traffic = sales and more sales = commission.

APS will teach you easy to follow step-by-step strategies on how you can gain eyeballs to your product and convert them into sales.

1 on 1 Coaching 

Honestly, it wasn’t really “coaching” for me since you’ll know most of the things you need just by watching those video presentations. In this session, your assigned coach will guide you on how to position your business and take action. It was brief but meaty.

Done For Your System 

You don’t need to meet up with people and sell them with your products, or chat with them until you become “salesy”.  All you have to do is position your product at the highest level as you can, follow the 30 DAY TIP through promoting your referral link online, refer leads to the system and consistently do it.

Yes, this is my favorite part. You have no reason to say “I don’t know how to sell” ‘cause the automated system will do that for you once you bring in the leads – which in this case is the only part that you need to do consistently!

Sales Team 

You have a sales team that does the follow up for you, convince your leads to upgrade and close the deal. Does that sound fair?

But of course, you have to do your part though and that is to consistently promote your links and be coachable, too.

Do you love posting on FB and other social media sites?

Do you love connecting with people on social media?

Then why not make the most of it by sharing products that would help our fellow kababayan earn a decent income online while you also learn and earn from referral commission. 

Payment and Fulfillment

This one is a game changer for me cause they do have a lot of payment options and YOU do not need to worry or WAIT for your referral’s payment and all the more the product fulfillment. Once the system receives the money, they’ll send an email for the product info and log in to access the training materials and tools. And your account will be updated with the appropriate commission.

Yes, everything lives on the internet. And they even have a responsive chat support for any pre-sales or aftersales concern.

This program would cost up to 70,000 pesos (and I bet even bigger than that judging by its systems and tools) but you can get all of these for just 2,990 pesos. Yes, and you can even earn way more than that. 😉

Is there any catch with all those good stuff being said?

Well, there is.

Like all businesses, the higher package you purchased, the higher referral commission you’re entitled to. And once you position yourself well, you’ll rake in more money! I’d say their products aren’t that pocket-friendly (compared to other networking or affiliate programs) due to the automated software and strategy they’re using,  but if you’re dead serious in wanting to live a life without worrying anything related to money, then this is all worth it. 

The returns are even ten folds or more than that when you dedicate certain hours to promote this business.

How much do I  earn with APS?

Okay, this is the most interesting part. Are you excited? 😀

APS has four packages and below is your earning potential. Take note though that if you position yourself only on the BASIC level and when your Basic referral upgraded to GOLD, you’ll only get the Basic commission and not for the Gold commission. 

BASIC – 1,000 pesos commission

GOLD –  2,000 pesos commission

TITANIUM – 7,000 pesos commission

PLATINUM – 11,000 pesos commission

So take for example you availed the Platinum package, you only need ONE (1)  Platinum referral so you can get an 11K pesos commission in one day.

But let’s say you didn’t avail the Platinum Package but only the Basic one. You’ll get 1K pesos per 1 Basic referral. Imagine you have at least 5 of them everyday. Five thousand pesos a day isn’t that bad, either.

Who in the world would give you 5K without sweating that much? It’s already a worth of roughly two week’s labor.

Aside from that, you’ll be more eager to hustle harder with their Matching Bonus. Once you reach an accumulated 100 K pesos earnings, they’ll match it with another 100K. If you earn 1M, they’ll also give you another million. 

How do I  register with Unity Network?

If you’re already decided to make serious money online and learn strategies that could be applied to your future business, please follow the steps below:

  1.  Register through this link. Then, fill in the boxes with your info.

Unity Network. APS

2. Choose your mode of payment. Unity Network offers different modes of payment: Paypal, Credit and Debit Card, or Dragonpay option for cash over the counter, ATM payments, online payments and remittance Local/ Abroad. Please also see complete list HERE. 

To pay with Dragonpay option, you may want to read this first before you proceed with the process.

Unity Network Payment


Unity Network Official Bank Accounts

Account Name: Unitynet Corporation
Account Number: 003630177470
Branch: West Trade Center


Account Name: Unitynet Corporation
Account Number: 3511000938
Branch: Marian Fairview

3. Once you’ve chosen your mode of payment click on APPLY NOW.

Unity Network Payment

4.   After sending your payment, fill up the Payment Verification Form. For over the counter payments, please read the instructions here on how to upload your deposit slip. It’ll usually take them 24-48 hours to verify your payment.

Unity Network Mode of Payment

(Image Taken from Unity Network’s Knowledge Base Page)

5. Once you made your payment, you’ll receive an email about your log ins and assigned User ID to access the marketing tools and training. Take note though that over the counter payment or bank transfer payments would be verified first before you’ll receive your login.

You’ll have access to the Ascending Profit System Training Guide and Marketing Tools and Unity Network’s backend site where you can track your link’s traffic, leads, sales and commissions. Here’s how it looks like:

Unity Network

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But wait, what if I will not earn?

If you haven’t earned using this system in 45 days, they’ll send you 5K pesos via Paypal or Bank deposit. To make sure that no one abuses this, they have this Implementation Guarantee Rules that you need to know.

  • You need to learn the 10 Steps training
  • Religiously apply the 30 T.I.P
  • If they see you’ve skipped a step within the 30 Day T.I.P  and you didn’t do all the activities and assignments as presented, that would forfeit your eligibility to claim the 5K
Are there people really earning from APS?

While I may not have something to show yet on my end, I’ll let yourself judge with these people’s screenshots and videos.

Once I get my first CHA-CHING! (that’s how they call their comm. ;)) I’ll update this post with my own proof.

Thank you for staying with me until the end of this post. Now it’s your call.

  • How far will you go to make your dreams a reality?
  • Are you an action taker? Are you willing to make an initiative to reach your goal even if someone pulls you down?
  • How could an extra 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 pesos a month make a difference in your life?

Then connect with me on Facebook and let’s make our dreams a reality. 

To our financial success

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