ThornCoin Review: Earn Up To 43% Per Month (Lending) [SCAM/LEGIT]

ThornCoin Review. Have you ever thought if you have buy more Bitcoins when the price is only cents, then you could be a millionaire today, right?

We can’t change the past, but we still have a chance to do it on ThornCoin.

ThornCoin ICO will start this in the next few hours.

And the price will start at $0.40.

What is ThornCoin?

Third generation self-managing lending platform powered on AWS servers. Join our ICO and be a part of the Crypto Revolution, it’s happening!

We believe that every investor owning ThornCoin has an evergrowing asset in his/her hands. In the future you’ll be able to use THRN in several ways: to make fast and low fee transactions, to exchange it, to lend it, to stake it and more. Our goal is to disrupt the agenda and provide a global financial solution for those who seek transparency, security and anonymity without third party interference!

ThornCoin ICO Prices

In the ThornCoin ICO the price will differ in 7 steps as follows: A total of 6,200,000 Coins will be sold and all Coins will be available immediately.

ThornCoin Review ICO Prices

ThornCoin Price Prediction and Roadmap

Below is the value prediction of ThornCoin, but I know that it can do better if marketed well with your help.

ThornCoin Review Price Prediction

By the way, if you want to join my team, you can register here.

How to Earn in ThornCoin?

There are several ways how to earn in ThornCoin:

  • Lending
  • Staking
  • Trading
  • Affiliate


Lend capital to our algo-trading system (THRN AI) in order to earn interest every 24 hours. All interest percentages and capital movements can be tracked on our dashboard. In addition, after the ICO every new user registering without an affiliate link will be put under someone who already has active loans on the ThornCoin platform.

ThornCoin Review Lending

But here’s a bit of an advice, once the Lending is already available, don’t lend your ThornCoins yet.

Wait for the price to increase before you start your Lending.

Just let them stay a little while so you can lend in a higher price.


Staking is a great way to grow your THRN balance. Anyone who is holding ThornCoin in our web-wallets will receive daily interest payed in THRN. This is a remarkable way to grow your THRN balance. For further information check our white paper.

ThornCoin Review Staking


The basic idea of Trading is to Buy Coins at lower price from exchange and make profit by selling them at a higher price.

I’m sure that you already know about this.

It will be available after the ICO.


ThornCoin Review Affiliate

How to Buy ThornCoins

A very simple steps is to Deposit Bitcoin > Buy ThornCoins.

Yes, just as  simple as that.

Anyway, you can start by registering here.

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