Social Media Shares: How to Get More Shares on Social Media

Social media shares isn’t as hard as you think it is.

Have you ever wondered how to get more shares in social media after you publish your post?

Well, that sounds crazy right?

Of course, we, bloggers/authors, always want our content to get more shares, likes, comments, and views.

Those share numbers and comments give us more confidence and encouragement to love what we are doing and do more.

But aside from that, getting more shares also help your post to rank higher on Google.


Well, it’s not exactly that the number of share counts matter, and I will explain that later on this post. For now, let’s watch first what Matt Cutts says about this.


As Matt Cutts said,

“Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index, and so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it then we can return that in our search results.”

So that means that the number of shares of your post on Facebook or Twitter pages could really help you rank on Google.


Let’s just say that Google consider it as backlinks. And the more links to your post, the better you rank on Google.

To make it more clear, I have done some testing.

I have searched an exact keyword that match with my post.

But what I found out is more interesting.

I found out that not only pages are being crawled, but also groups on Facebook.

Socisl Media Shares Facebook

That means you can also get backlinks when you share your post to Facebook groups.

What are the 5 ways to increase your Social Media Shares?
  1. Create Useful Content for Your Influencers
  2. Make a List of Unbelievable Facts
  3. Create Useful Infographics
  4. Power of Reciprocity
  5. Floating Social Bar

Let’s discuss these into details.

Social Media Shares: Ways on How to Get More Shares withYour Post

1. Create Useful Content for Your Influencers

For sure your readers love to read your quality content, but it doesn’t mean that they will share it. Though there is a big possibility that they will comment on it if they like what they’re reading; which is also good.

So what do you need to do?

Find your influencers and reach out to them.

This could be very hard, especially if you are just starting a blog. But the prize is worth it.

What will you get in return?

  • Backlinks
  • Shares
  • Traffic

Yes. Aside from shares, you will also get backlinks (from their own site and probably their blogging readers’ sites) and more traffic going to your site.

How to find social media influencers for FREE?

The best way to find your influencers for free is through LinkedIn. Let’s take for example you have a food blog.

All you need to do is type “Food Blogger” on the LinkedIn search box and it will display all your influencers registered in LinkedIn.

Social Media Shares LinkedIn

By the way, this is not limited to LinkedIn and you can also do this to other Social Media sites. Though you might be able to find pages or groups instead if you search it on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Medias.

2. Make a List of Unbelievable Facts

Controversy sparks curiosity.

You can get more social media shares if your post talks about controversial and unbelievable facts that readers have no clue at first. Leave your readers with a WOW factor after they read your post.

Try to ask yourself, “What makes me share a post?

For me, when I read something unbelievable, I just can’t resist to share it.

I share it because I want my friends to know about these facts.

Let’s take for example a Food Blog,

Aside from healthy and useful tips about food, I would even share it if I read something unnatural, weird, strange, or freaky facts about foods.

3. Create Useful Infographics

This is one of the proven ways to generate more shares and traffic on your site.

Though not all posts need an infographic, but with your useful infographic you can easily get influencers to link back to you.

What is an infographic?

Infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram use to represent information or data.

It is more like a summary of information with visual images to help your readers understand quickly.

Creating useful infographics also takes time, but once you’ve already done it, you need to reach out to your influencers, make their lives easier with this digested and ready to post info and start getting traffic from it.

By using this method you can also generate backlinks with your infographic.

4. Power of Reciprocity

Just like the Bible says, “Do unto others, if you want others do unto you.”

Bloggers respect their co-bloggers and even show appreciation if you will share, like, or comment on their posts.

How they will show appreciation?

By doing the same thing, or even more:

  • Thank you publicly
  • Mention your blog and social media pages or handles
  • Invite you to guest post on their blog
  • Share your content with their readers

You need to build a strong connection with your co-bloggers because blogging is definitely not a one-man show.

5. Floating Social Bar

Make a floating social bar on your blog. You don’t know the right moment when your readers going to share your post while consuming it. So make sure that your social bar is on a good spot where they can easily click on it when they decide to share it.

You definitely don’t want your readers to spend seconds searching your social bar, right? Make it accessible for them.

We use Sumo for our floating social side bar and we’re pretty happy with the numbers.

Socisl Media Shares Linkcollider Autosurf

Bonus Tip: Get More Social Media Shares Overnight for FREE

Here’s the bonus tip I am going to share with you. This is a FREE online tool in which you can gain more shares on social media without doing the 5 tips I have mentioned above.

And you can get the results overnight or instantly.

The bad news is, it will not increase your traffic nor gain more readers, and I’ll explain that later.

I purely used this tool to increase the counts of Social Media Shares on my posts.

But what is the advantage of having more share counts?

When your reader see that you receive a lot of shares on your social bar, and they love what they read, they tend to share it too.

But the problem for a new blog is you don’t have readers yet. And for sure you will not get much  shares.

This tool was made for new bloggers who just started their blogs.

How to get started…

Follow these 3 steps

  1. Register on LinkCollider.
  2. Submit Your Post or Website
  3. Earn Tokens

What is LinkCollider?

LinkCollider is an SEO tool that uses link building and social media sites to help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social media networks.

It is also a powerful traffic exchange tool that will quickly raise your site’s profile, bringing hundreds of visitors each day.

They offer SEO Tools like Backlinks Generator, Drop My Link, Article Spinner, and many more.

But I don’t really use their traffic exchange and SEO Tools.

And I don’t recommend it as it may hurt your site.

I only use this tool to increase the number of shares on my post.

Submit Your Post or Website

Once you have successfully registered, you can start by submitting your post or website.

You can also submit your Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube Channel, and Facebook profile page to gain more Likes and Shares.

But as a FREE member, you can only add up to 3 websites.

So prioritize what are the top 3 sites you want to promote or gain more likes and shares.

Submit a website:

  1. Hover your mouse to “SUBMIT A WEBSITE”, select what kind of site.
  2. For your post, choose “Personal / Business Website”.Socisl Media Shares Linkcollider
  3. Then fill out the form with your URL, Title, Description, and the Reward Token. For the reward, choose the range between 25-30 so it will be displayed on the top.Socisl Media Shares Linkcollider Fill up

Earn Tokens

There are several ways how to collect tokens: Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Tweets, Twitter Followers, Google Plus, Pinterest Pins, and other Social Media Shares.

But what I really like most where I can generate more tokens without doing much of anything is Autosurf.

So, once I click on Autosurf, I will leave that browser open and earn more tokens.

Socisl Media Shares Linkcollider Autosurf

But the bad thing about Autosurf is that there are some malicious websites that were detected by Google Chrome. Well, if you encounter one of these sites, just click on back and don’t proceed.

One more thing, these are the Social Medias I have activated. And I also TURN ON the “No Referrer” option.

Social Media Shares Promote

By the way, you can earn at most 2000 Tokens per day as a FREE member.

And I do think it should be enough to gain more likes and shares overnight.

If you want to earn instant tokens and increase the number of your sites, then you can buy tokens or upgrade your account.

But only decide to purchase if you have extra cash and you don’t want to earn tokens using the methods I have mentioned.

So which of the 5 steps you will implement first?

And if you want to get more updates on blogging, subscribe on our mailing list below. Don’t worry we also hate spam and we will only send emails that we know will be helpful for you.


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