RegenCoin Review ( Earn Up To 49% Per Month [Legit/Scam]

RegenCoin Status: ICO

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Earn Up To 49% Per Month Thru Lending Program.

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ICO RegenCoin Review. A new ICO that will hit the moon. Earn up to 49% per month thru Lending Program.

ICO sales today is $0.55, and expected to rise up to $20 by the end of December.

I am really hoping that they will hit their target.

So, I have decided to invest on RegenCoin.

How to Make Money on RegenCoin

Aside from Buying RegenCoin at low price and selling it on high price.

The most profitable way to earn money is thru Lending Program. Where you can earn up to 49% per month, then a capital back after a period of time.

And interest will be earned daily.

This is still not available for now, but expected to launch on 1st quarter of 2018.

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How to Invest in RegenCoin

The first thing you need to do is to deposit BTC on your RegenCoin account.

But before that you need to register first, you can register here.


Once you have created your account, it’s time for to make a deposit.

So, under Bitcoin Wallet click on Deposit.

RegenCoin deposit

You will see the BTC address where you can send your the BTC.

It will be reflected after a few confirmations.

It sure takes time, so just be patient on it.

You can check the information on Transaction.


Once your deposit is reflected on your account, you can go ahead and Buy the ICO.

So, click on Buy ICO.

You can click on Buy All or input how many ICO you want to buy. Enter your password and finally click the BUY button.

RegenCoin review Buy ICO

It will be reflected in My Orders as pending.

You just need to wait until they will confirm the transaction.

My Top Trusted Sites:

RegenCoin ( Review)

It is good to join this kind of opportunity. The price of Bitcoin also started with cents and grow faster as the years passed by.

So I can say that we are on the right track.

There is still a risk in this business, but I will take the risk to win. Rather than doing nothing and wait for nothing.


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