[Updated] How to Rank Higher on Google Search With a New Blog Fast

Is it possible to rank higher on Google Search with a new blog?

The answer is Yes.

You know what, I have a “great terrible” experience in 3 days after I published my site.

Believe it or not, a day after I published my site I was able to see it on Google Search with some of the long tail keywords.

It was very awesome. Who could ever think that my new blog could rank so fast?

I was very excited and tried to search other keywords that are related to my post. And so I made a record to track them.

Here are my results:

My site was published on 3/5/2017. And these search results were recorded on 3/6/2017.

Post: How to Create a Blog Site on WordPress: Easy Step by Step Guide 2017
Keyword:   how to create a blog site on wordpress
Rank:         No where to be found…
Keyword:   how to create a blog site on wordpress 2017
Rank:         9 on Page 6 

Post: WordPress Tips and Tricks for Beginners (Easy Guide 2017)
Keyword:   WordPress Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Rank:         3 of Page 4 

Post: How To Be More Successful in Finding Freelance Work Online
Keyword:   how to be more successful in finding freelance work online
Rank:         6 of Page 2 

Very amazing, right?

That was the great part. And the terrible part was on March 7 when I try to check these keywords again. Nothing appeared on Google Search.

I was so anxious that I could not even think well. I just tried to search and search but it didn’t do anything good. 

Even if I search using my domain name “Prolazydad”, nothing appeared on search result.

Then I tried to ask some help on Google Webmaster Central Help Forum.

I explained everything, but they were kind a doubtful about it.

how to rank higher on google search Google Forum 3

I am not really against with their responses, and I do agree with them somehow. But I also think that my post also deserves to rank higher on Google search.

Here are the responses I get:

how to rank higher on google search Google Forum

how to rank higher on google search Google Forum 2

Well, I am kind a grateful with all their inputs. And flattered as well. Why?

Because my new blog just rank higher on Google search that even the Webmaster people couldn’t believe.

On the other hand…

I realized that after I published my site, I submitted a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool. And I also manually submitted it to Add URL to Google.

I was thinking back then, that maybe my site was temporarily indexed.

Probably that was the case.

But I was also investigating.

What I really don’t understand that when I searched my blog using “site:prolazydad.com” I get a lot of results. Meaning that my site was already indexed on Google.

I verified it by checking on my Google Chrome Extension WebRank SEO.

It says that I have 76 indexed pages on Google? But I only have 4 published posts.

how to rank higher on google search Webrank

I found out almost all of the indexed pages are from my tags and categories with the same description.

how to rank higher on google search Google result

It’s a bit spammy.

So I cleaned this up by using the Yoast SEO plugin. Setting the tag and categories to NoIndex.

How to NoIndex Tags and Categories Using Yoast SEO

To do this, go to SEO > Titles & Metas.

how to rank hinger on google yoast seo

Select on “Taxonomies”. And under Tags and Categories select “noindex”.

how to rank hinger on google yoast seo no index

Just to make sure I also add the “Disallow: /tag/” on my robots.txt file.

Guess what…

After a day, my indexed pages dropped. 

how to rank higher on google search Webank2

So I tried to search my keywords again on Google search.

And my blog was finally back on Google. I even rank higher compared to my previous record. 

Now I am at rank 1 on page 4 for the keyword “wordpress tips and tricks for beginners”.

rank higher on google search image

As of this writing when I check the keyword “wordpress tips and tricks for beginners 2017”, I am already at rank 10 on page 1. The last time I checked it, I was on page 2 rank 3.

how to rank hinger on google search result

So how to rank higher on Google search?

Now that you know that you can rank higher on Google search with a new blog, so what are the steps you need to take?

Start by creating a Great Content.

For new blogs, I do suggest using the long-tail keywords (4 words+).


Because we can’t compete with the big blogs out there which already have an authority for the short keywords.

To give you a clear view, I’ve summarized the top ranking factors that Google uses for ranking.

These are based from Google 200 ranking factors by Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko

I’ve listed only the factors in which I know that applies to my site to rank higher on Google search.

Top 14 Google Ranking Factors on Page Level

1. Keyword in the Title Tag

It is the webpage second most important piece of content and sends a strong on Page SEO signal. Before creating a content, you need first to identify what Keywords you are targeting with.

Make sure that your keyword is definitely on your Title Tag.

2. Keyword Starts at the Beginning of the Title

According to Moz Data, keywords that starts at the beginning of the title tend to perform better than the keywords at the middle or the end of the tag title. 

how to rank hinger on google wordpress tips search

3. Keyword in the Description Tag

It is not really that important for now, but it still makes a difference. Your targeted keyword should be displayed on the 1st paragraph, or it is on the first 100 words.

4. Keyword Appears in H1 Tags

H1 tags are considered as the second title and also sends relevant signal to Google. I actually use H1 on my title only, and the rest of subheadings are H2, H3 and H4.

5. Keyword Density

It is not as important as it once before, but Google still use it to determine the topic of the webpage. Yoast SEO, the tool I use to determine the keyword density, would suggest if my keyword density is low or high.

6. Content Length

Content with more words will most likely rank higher compared to shorter one. A case study from Backlinko shows that the average words on the first page on Google search has 1890 words, based on SemRush data.

7. Page Loading Speed

Both Google and Bing use page loading as a ranking factor. Search engine spiders can estimate your site fairly accurate. They kind a penalize a site that is so slow and can be a factor of dropping your rank.

8. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can negatively influence a site’s search engine visibility. Always write an original content.

9. Image Optimization

When uploading your image to WordPress, make sure to input the ALT Text.

Images on-page sends search engines important relevancy signals through their file name, ALT text, title, description and caption.

10. Keyword in H2 and H3 Tags

It may be a weak relevancy signal, but it’s still a factor. Use your focus keywords in subheadings like H2 and H3 tags, as well, and not just on H1.

11. Keyword Word Order

An exact match of a searcher’s keyword in a page’s content will generally rank better than the same keyword phrase in a different order. 

For example, when I tried to search on “wordpress tricks and tips for beginners”, my site was on Page 5 rank 2. Compared to the exact words “wordpress tips and tricks for beginners”, which I rank on page 4.

12. Quality of Internal Links Pointing to a Page

Internal links from authoritative pages on the domain have a stronger effect than pages with no or low PR.

This is also significant as Google can tell what kind of topic you have by placing outbound links to authoritative sites and not just any random site.

13. Keyword in URL

Another important relevancy signal.

Your URL must be simple, containing only your targeted keywords.

14. SSL Certificate

Google has confirmed that they index SSL certificates and that they use HTTPS as a ranking signal.

Google started considering the HTTPS as ranking signal since August 2014. But it’s only a very lightweight signal—affecting less than 1% of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content.

On November 2016, they have a report that the number of sites migrated to HTTPS increasing over time. And it is becoming the standard of secure browsing in Chrome.

They have encouraged all the site to be migrated to HTTPS.

Some of the big sites like CNet also confirmed that they have successfully migrated to HTTPS without meaningful change in Google rankings.


As you know Google Search algorithm changes almost every day to give their users the best results as confirmed by the Google team.

To rank higher on Google search, it also depends on the changes they have made on their algorithm.

So there are also instances that these factors may no longer hold true in the future.

And just recently, the “Google Fred” update, which is not really confirmed by Google, is affecting some of the big bloggers who have seen a sudden drop in their rankings.

I saw a discussion on Reddit talking about it.

rank higher on google search Reddit

rank higher on google search Reddit2

Some bloggers are doubling their traffic and some of them dropped their rank.

My blog doesn’t have much of backlinks or authority. But why I am ranking better than the other blogs?

I create great content and contains the right keyword (and keyword density).

Make use of the FREE keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner to check what keywords are in low competition. I know I can’t beat the blogs which already have an authority, so I just try to outrank other blogs with my content.

Other tools you can use to check the Keywords:

Also choose a theme for your site that is mobile-friendly because of the large number of mobile users. Google also takes this as one of the factors in ranking your site.

When I started this blog, I already know that HTTPS would be a factor in ranking. So I decided to include this on my Bluehost package

This is only a minor thing, but at least I have one advantage against other bigger blogs.

SEO Tips to Rank Higher on Google Search

Create an original / unique / great content.

Google loves to display unique content on their front page. This is the top priority when you want to rank higher on Google.

Google is putting a high value on unique content. Make your post longer with the right targeted keyword density. Try to think as Google and ask this, “Is my post deserving to be in the first page?”

To create a great content always consider the top 14 Google factors on page level.

Focus on long-tail keywords (4 words +).


Because long-tail keywords have certain advantages like below:

  • Less Competitive – the lesser the competition, the better the chance to rank higher on Google search.
  • More Targeted – it is more intent and they reveal more what the searcher is looking for. One factor of Google is Word Order, if your long-tail keyword match to the user search, then you’d probably rank higher.

Promote your content.

I’ve already said this that creating a great content is just the start of your content’s life. After hitting “Publish”, don’t just wait for Google to recognize your post. Spread it and make it right in front of your readers.

What’s the point in creating great content but no one sees it, right?

You need to promote it. Find your influencer and connect with them. They would love to share it to their readers if they find it very helpful.

Build Your Backlinks.

If you want your post to be on the top of Google search, you need to have an authority.

I’ve listed simple ways to build your backlinks as early as today.


A simple comment to one site can be a significant backlink. But you should also be careful, only comment to blogs that is relevant to your niche.

Spammy comment on any blogs can also hurt your site.


Create a topic, or start commenting on other posts. The very effective way is answering problems.

Leave a thoughtful comment plus a link of your post which could solve their problem. And not just merely throwing any links as a comment — the host blogger hates it.

Use these strings below to find a forum within your niche.

  • Your Niche + Forum
  • Forum + Your Niche


You might not even notice this with your Google+ but it also creates a backlink. 

Go to Edit Profile > click “i” icon (About) > edit your Story introduction.

rank higher on google g+

Then make a link to your site.


Scoop It is a site where people aggregate their favorite content around the web in a magazine format. A community sharing their thoughts about a specific topic.


Inbound is the same as Scoop.it. Where you can reach experts, and influencers interested in the same topic. 

inbound org rank higher on google

Guest Post

The very powerful link building and the most recommended by countless professional bloggers. By doing guest posting to other blogs, you are exposing yourself to wide readers, which is impossible to attain when you’re just starting out.

Tendency, if they love your post, they kind a follow you and your blog. 

To find a guest post, use these strings to search in Google.

  • Your Niche + “guest post”
  • Your Niche + “contribute”
  • Niche + “write for us”

You may also try,

  • Your Niche + “contributors”
  • Your Niche + “guest writer”


PingOmatic does not submit your site. But is does ping directories and aggregators that you have updated your site.

This is very useful, especially when you have a new published post. If you don’t have an automatic ping system, then better do it manually. 

Keyword Updates:

I am using seoranking.io now to check how well I rank after 2 weeks. And it seems I am on the right path. Check out my results below. Recorded March 25, 2017.

how to create a blog site on wordpress

wordpress tips and tricks rank

how to be more successful freelancing online

— How SEO Works in 2017 —

(Updated on May 26, 2017)

A month after I published my site I was able to rank higher on Google with some keywords.

And below are my keywords that were able to rank based on SEORanking.io.

rank higher on google keywords2

By the way, I am only using the free version of SEORanking. so I am only allowed to add up to 10 keywords. If you want an in-depth information about your keyword, I recommend to use Semrush or SerpBook.

As you can see, I have a long-tail keyword that ranks on first page “ultimate list writing jobs“, but I was more amazed on the keyword “upwork alternatives“.

I already mentioned it that short-tail keyword is too hard to rank on Google. But I did it on this post.

How did I do it?

Let me first tell you that I didn’t do any guest posting yet. I tried to do it once but it’s just so hard to find a site that will accept my content.


Because I am still unknown to them.

And if they do, they won’t accept backlinks on my site. That’s how hard it is to find a site to guest post.

So during my first month on this blog, I  mainly focused on creating quality content, which is also the right thing to do.

I make sure that I have the best content for the keyword I am targeting.

But to rank higher on Google, creating quality content is not just enough.

Yes. You can rank, maybe on the first 100 search results, but getting to the first page? It just won’t work.

I am just kind a lucky with some of my keywords since they don’t have much competition.

How SEO works today is very simple, but very hard to implement.


Because you only need 2 things to make it work, but these 2 things takes a lot of time and effort.

So what are these 2 things?

1. Write Quality Content

I know you already know about this, and I’ve been saying this over and over again. But how to write a quality content?

First, you should know the keyword you are targeting before you write your content.

Search it on Google, and check on the top 5 posts with that keyword.

So do you think you can do something better than that?

Here are some tips:

Make your post longer than what you have seen by giving all the information as much as possible, and what other posts have missed to mention.

Give value to the 14 Google ranking factors I have mentioned above. I know some of the SEO experts think that they are dead.

But they are not, Google still considers them as ranking factors, though it is not as strong as before.

Take my posts as an example. I have been able to rank higher in Google in just a matter of weeks or month because I still consider these factors.

2. Get as Many Backlinks as You Can

The best way to get quality backlinks to your site is still guest posting. And I did mention that I have 0 guest posts, but I was not just sitting around waiting for my blog to rank.

Even though I find it hard to guest post on blogs, there are still other ways to get backlinks aside from guest posting.

And I am using the very simple ones as a start.

Let’s get into the details about forum link building.

While it’s hard for me to find a site to guest post, I find easy ways to get backlinks on some forums. And the ones I do recommend is BlackHatWorld.

As a start, you can’t put any links in your comment, but you can put your website on your profile page.


And every time you make a comment, your website will be displayed, and will count as a backlink. That means 25 comments, can generate 25 backlinks to your site based on Google Website Backlinks.

If you have reached at least 50 comments, that’s the time you can insert links on your comment.

But you should avoid creating topics with your links, as they will consider it as spam or you are just self-promoting your site. I advised to just stay on commenting, but you should also be careful.

Make sure that you don’t spam.

The second method I am going to share is my favorite.


Because you can generate instant traffic and new readers.

This method may not be new to you, but it is still one of the best options for starters.

And that is using Reddit. Yes, you read it right, that’s Reddit.

Though there is a bit of downside by using this method since it will increase your bounce rate.

Well, it is not really that bad in exchange of traffic and readers for beginners. And you don’t have to worry about this stat as well, as it will reduce soon once you generate more readers.

By the way, don’t use it too often if you don’t have anything new, as you’ll be categorized as a spammer. And only comment on related topics or find the right sub Reddit thread.

But Reddit is not just merely for commenting or submitting your link.

The true power of Reddit is you can use it to post your quality content.

Let’s take for example my post on Reddit, when search on the keyword “rank google search fast“, my post on Reddit is on rank 3.

rank higher on google reddit

To tell you the truth, I don’t even consider that post as quality content. That time I was already out of words and I just couldn’t think of any better description.

So I was just thinking that as long as I can create a backlink to my site it should be good.

That post did not even reach 200 words, but it still ranks higher on Google for that keyword.

Your problem with guest posting? That can also be solved in Reddit.

But maybe just do a better post than mine.

How Important These Keywords

I also saw some questions on social media like, “how important these keywords”?

So I have tested my own to show you how important these keywords are.

Keywords are used to easily find your post on Google. You can rank higher with keywords that are less competitive.

My latest post is about Freelancer Guide, so by using the seoranking.io I can check that I rank on “Freelancer Tutorial” keyword.


rank higher on google freelancer tutorial2


That’s because I have a keyword on my post and title of “Freelancer” and “Tutorial“.

Title of the post: Freelancer Guide: Step by Step Tutorial in Freelancing

But what happen if I will search on “Freelancer Tutorials”?

rank higher on google freelancer tutorial

Yes. I am no where to be found.


Because I don’t have the keyword “Tutorials” on my post.

So I decided to add a sentence with the keyword “Freelancer Tutorials“.

Then just over a day, you can see below that I even rank higher compared to the keyword “Freelancer Tutorial

rank higher on google freelancer tutorial3

Keywords are very important to rank higher in Google searches.

What are your strategies to rank higher on Google?

If you want to get more updates regarding how to rank higher on Google, subscribe to our mailing list below. Don’t worry, we also hate spam and we will only send emails that we know will be helpful to you. =)


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