POCAGA Review: ICO for Online Casino and Gambling

POCAGA Review. If you are a kind of person that keeps on playing casino games. Then, this ICO will be the right for you.

POCAGA ICO already started with the starting price of $0.70. Surely, this is the price that you have wanted, right?

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What is POCAGA?

Pocaga is a new kind of casino that provides the same type of casino service in real life, but Pocaga could be deployed world wide, the user can use the crypto currency PCG to play game and withdraw money from the Pocaga’s exchange.

PCG is a solution for global casino and gaming ecosystem. 

The rapid rise in the number of crypto currencies has attracted a growing interest in the community. For just two years, the value of Bitcoin has increased by more than 1,000%. With more than 1000 different crypto currencies available and more being developed each day, the crypto currency market is really booming. Besides, as a huge number of people gamble in daily sports, casino games, online poker, the market capitalization is expected to reach $ 495 billion by 2019.

Potentially, the launch of POCAGA offers a solution that allows online casinos to accept payments in crypto currency. In addition, POCAGA also provides a platform and APIs for game developers, and traditional casinos can easily integrate their systems, approach millions of gamers and build a complete ecosystem according to their needs.


A total of 70,000,000 Coins will be sold during the ICO (January 22 – April 10).

Pocaga Review ICO

POCAGA Value Prediction

PCG price is expected to grow up to $30 after launching the gaming ecosystem.

Pocaga Review Price

  • We create a Monthly Loyalty Program (MLP) and spend up to 50% of our transaction income to pay for PCG Tokens. This is a worthy and truly valuable reward for the loyalty of the PCG Tokens.
  • Each user’s loyalty rewards depends only on the amount of transaction he/sheis made during the month in POCAGA services.
  • 10,000+ PCGownership amount
GOLD 35%
  • 2,000+ PCGownership amount
  • 100+ PCGownership amount

How to Buy PCG Coins

Your first step is to register on POCAGA.

Go to Wallet and Deposit Bitcoin / Ethereum.

Once your deposit is confirmed, go to PCG ICO to buy PCG coins.

Yes, just as  simple as that.

What are token holder benefits?

50% from Pocaga’s transaction profit will be used to thank our PCG token-holders and the most active users through the acquisition distribution of PCG tokens via a monthly loyalty fund (MLF).

Is there a minimum amount of tokens to buy?

Minimum token purchase amount during the token sale is just 50 PCG tokens.

Benefits for Users

For trader – Trader will benefit from the price fluctuation of PCG.

For brokers – Brokers will benefit from the percentage commission in the community they own.

And for players and investor…

For player – Player will benefit from bringing back the PCG Tokens value when they win.

For Investor – Investors will benefit from millions of transactions every hour as our game ecosystem improves.

Affiliate Program

Get up to 15% referral commission for every successful purchase of your referrals.

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