PagareX Review: Earn Up To 48% Per Month (Lending) [SCAM/LEGIT]

What is PagareX?

A highly profitable, global cryptocurrency ecosystem that doesn’t rely on banks or financial institutions. PagareX puts you at the centre of the currency and allows you to invest in it in multiple different ways. Financially independent is what we want you to be with PagareX.

Participate in ICO

The ICO of PagareX will start this January 17, 2018, so if you want to participate you need to register here.

The starting price might be at least $1, but it should dramatically increase after the ICO.

It is always better to start your investment at the ICO while the price is still low.

Once you have signed up, you just need to deposit Bitcoin > Buy PGX.

But the purchasing of PGX will be available when the ICO starts on January 17.

I recommend to deposit early so that you can buy once it is already available.

How to Earn in PagareX

There are several ways how to earn in PagareX, like Lending, Mining, Staking, and Trading.


Should a user opt to invest their PagareX coins via the Lending option, the platform itself will borrow the coins. Users then receive daily profit on top of their chosen investment option. Let’s explain the Lending option a little bit more. If a user decides to invest in Lending, PagareX coins in their wallet will be borrowed by the PagareX platform. These coins are then utilised to purchase Bitcoins when the price is low and sell them when the price increases to a higher level. This is where the profit comes from. Users do not need to do anything as the Lending process all takes place via an automatic robot.

Pagarex Review Lending


PagareX coin mining allows users to involve themselves in generating new PagareX coins. Our developers have designed the algorithm of PagareX so that it will resist the development of custom mining hardware.
As such, this ensures that any transactions need to be validated by a widely distributed network. Because of this, there isn’t any selling pressure when large Mining pools flood the market with freshly mined
coins. Both solo mining as well as pool mining will be possible via the PagareX platform. You will find more informations on our website.

Pagarex Review Mining


From the very start of a user acquiring PagareX coins, they begin earning interest. Simply put, just by having the coins in their wallet, a PagareX holder will begin making profit on them. Through this process, users just need to purchase the coins and keep them within their wallet. This interest is generated in response to users helping to maintain the security of the PagareX network. To put it another way, Proof of Stake (PoS means that the user of PagareX is the banker. And the network for this cryptocurrency is run by the people who invest in it. The revenues that it generates are basically distributed to these stakers in order to reward them for protecting the network.

Pagarex Review Staking


Another great feature of the PagareX coin is that users can also benefit from any downward movements that could occur. Trading the cryptocurrency works to users advantage in this instance. The PagareX
cryptocurrency utilises the scrypt algorithm, meaning that its calculations are much more serialised than those of other currencies, like Bitcoin.

PagareX does have a finite number of tokens, limited to 35,000,000 altogether. Just 7,000,000 of these will be available via the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This limited number of tokens ensures that there will be a constant appreciation of value to compliment the increase in demand for such.

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