Online Micro Jobs: 18 Websites to Make Money Online Fast and Free

Want to make money fast and free with online micro jobs doing no-brainer tasks? You’re in for a treat today.

You don’t have to be techie to make easy money online. If freelancing or blogging is too complicated for you; or you plainly don’t have the luxury of time yet, then micro jobs could just be your thing.

What are these online micro jobs, Ann?

Micro jobs are small gigs or micro tasks that you can accomplish in as little time as possible for a small amount of money.

A lot of people who work from home love doing these micro tasks as they’re flexible and requires no commitment and serious technical skills.

Will I really make money online doing micro jobs?

Yes, you will.

My husband, Chris, had been doing those easy tasks back then – like typing captchas and mini blog posts  – during his free time instead of wasting it on TV shows.

You’ll just be surprised at what you can buy with the money once you withdraw it in bulk.

To set your expectations right, the amount you earn from micro jobs depends on how complex it is and who you’re doing it for.

However, if you’re dead serious in making a full time living online someday, working at your own pace (with no b..b..BOSS); then doing online micro jobs is a perfect kick starter for you as well.

Online micro jobs could be anything and it could be something that you’ve been doing from your home or on your computer.

What can you expect?

  1. Make easy and quick money online for extra purchases or savings
  2. Get useful ideas on how is it to work as a freelancer and the skills you need to have to be employed and be in-demand
  3. Learn various tasks and tools which can be relevant in the future whether you want to pursue freelancing or blogging and even both.

So buckle up as we feast on ways to make money online fast and free with no special talent or technical skills needed.

Top 18 Online Micro Jobs Website

1. TimeBucks

TimeBucks offers a great income opportunity, even for new user like you. And that includes a $1 bonus just for signing up.

Unlike most of the micro-jobs, TimeBucks offers unique ways to earn  cash.

Here are some ways to make money,

  • Take Selfies – Take a photo of yourself every day and get paid.
  • Watch Videos – Watch short video clips such as music videos, movie trailers and sponsored videos that might interest you.
  • Grow a Beard – It is kind a weird but you read that right, they will pay you to grow a beard and take a daily progress photo.
  • Vote – They have a daily poll, and you get paid to vote.
  • Install Mobile Apps – Get paid while playing and installing free mobile apps.
  • View Content – You probably look at funny photo galleries on a daily basis, and they’ll pay you to do this!
  • Draw – They will also pay you to draw photos of other people!
  • Share a Content – Ever shared a link on Facebook? I’d bet you didn’t earn anything from it. With Timebucks, they will pay you to share news and videos on Facebook!

But what I like about TimeBucks? Their BONUSES.

They offer a lot of bonuses for their users. Here’s an example, aside from earning by taking selfies every day, you will also receive a bonus of $15 if you can upload a photo 90 days in a row.


And $200 bonus, if you can upload 365 days in a row, not bad right?

Rather than uploading your photo to social media sites, why not upload it on TimeBucks and earn cash.

2. FreeBitcoin

FreeBitcoin is a site where you can win free Bitcoin every hour. Plus a mining site where you can earn Bitcoin.


  • Win up to $200 in Free Bitcoins
  • Multiply your BitCoins playing HI-LO
  • Win HI-LO jackpots up to 1 Bitcoin
  • Free weekly lottery with big prizes
  • Bitcoin savings account with daily interest
  • 50% referral commission for life

Payment Method:

  • Blockchain (BTC Processor)

3. Clixsense

Clixsense is one of the best “Paid to Click” sites I’ve known. And now, they offer several income opportunities aside from paid-to-click.

So what are those?

  • Visiting Websites
  • Paid Surveys
  • Free Offers
  • Micro Tasks
  • Playing Clix
  • Grid Contests
  • Shopping Online

Lately, they updated their site and focuses more on Surveys.


So if you want to make easy money online, then Clixsense is right for you.

4. Clickworker

Clickworker provides digital tasks to registered internet workers – and they call them Clickworkers.

What type of jobs you can do?

  • Text Creation– Create informative texts, product descriptions or articles about a given topic.
  • Data categorization – Categorize the data from websites, etc.
  • Copy editing – Copy editors check corrected texts with regards to, content, style and the exact implementation of the job instructions.
  • Proofreading – Proofreaders assess the texts created with regards to spelling, grammar, style, expression and the implementation of the job instructions.
  • Web research – Search for data and addresses of companies, restaurants and other localities.
  • Surveys – Share your opinion by participating in various types of surveys.

Remember, once you have successfully registered with Clickworker, you may not be able to login to your account immediately.

You need to wait for the verification email before you can log in. And complete your profile first so you can proceed to the tasks page to start earning.

5. Scribie

Do you ever dream of becoming a transcriptionist? With Scribie you can do the transcription at home with your computer or laptop.

How much could you possibly earn?

Scribie pays $1 for every 6-minute audio file. So that’s $10 for an hour.

That’s a pretty low-rate for me if I would say, but getting an experience is more important.  There’s also a bonus depending on the file, so there’s a chance for you to earn up to $20 for an hour audio file.

If being a transcriptionist is your passion, you can use Scribie to enhance your transcription skill and apply to bigger companies someday.

6. Humanatic

At Humanatic, you get paid by listening to recorded phone calls and tagging it correctly.

I personally signed up just to know how it works on the inside after a college friend referred it to us. It’s free to sign up, but you must have a verified PayPal account to get through it.

What I like with Humanatic is that:

  • You create your own schedule. But if you want to earn more, premium recorded calls with higher payouts (like $0.015 per call — ugh, yep, cents) are mostly available at 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. Philippine Time.

We chatted with someone who’s been with Humanatic for months and he said that he’d wake up at 2 a.m. to earn bigger rather than burning longer hours during the day with lower call volumes and rates.

  • The job is easy. Even teenagers can have a go on this type of job. You just have to listen to recorded calls and tag it accordingly while maintaining at least 95% accuracy level. All you need is a laptop, working headset/speakers and internet connection; you don’t even have to download anything!

However, this type of gig isn’t  for those who are staying in places with higher cost of living.

But here in the Philippines, it’s something worth considering if you’re working for 8 hours + 2 hours commute (yeah, traffic is crazy in some major cities) and just getting a daily minimum wage of ₱491, even lesser for some.

How much will you get paid?

Our friend is making $10+ in 12 hours, but you can go higher than that. Check their FAQ here. Minimum payout is $10 through PayPal. I haven’t reached yet the $10 threshold since I find the pay way too low for me (given other possibilities that I can earn through freelancing). But you can try it out and see if it suits you. =) And it takes time to unlock certain categories where recorded call rates are higher.

Humanatic Top Earners

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks let you earn through its app and their website. It’s free to sign up with Swagbucks, however, it’s only available to certain countries: the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Everything you do on Swagbucks would earn you SB (Swagbucks point system).

How to make money with Swagbucks?

There are many ways for you to earn a decent money on Swagbucks, but I’ll only mention here the most profitable ways. Below are the ones that put more money on the table:

  • Swagbucks Search. First, you have to install the SwagButton extension in your browser to get 50 SB. Then make it a habit to do your search through the Swagbucks search option to get a chance of winning from 1-1000 SB.
  • Swagbucks Watch.  Instead of binge-watching on YouTube, why not spend it on Swagbucks’ Watch — a YouTube like section on their website where you watch interesting videos like movie trailers or news story. You don’t even have to tie yourself on the chair with your laptop/pc.

You can leave it open on separate tab while you do your other work. But make sure you plug your device to a power source  and just have SB TV running on your device. This option makes you earn up to 500 SB each day.

  • Swagbucks Paid Surveys. Like most other sites, SB also offers paid surveys. While others aren’t worth the time, there are good surveys on their site that requires a lesser amount of time but pays better.
  • Swagbucks Discover. Based on my online digging, this option is the best way to make money with Swagbucks. SB Discover has free and paid offers for their member to try out. But you have to do the math.

For example, if runs an offer  for SB members for a 2-month subscription of $2, you’ll earn 800 SBs (equivalent to $8) by signing up with Audible for the paid offer.

So that’s an $8 (worth of earned SB) – $2 (product subscription) = $6 , that’s 3x than your initial $2 investment AND not to mention the learning experience when listening to audio books. (But make sure to use your phone or calendar to set up reminders to cancel re-occurring payments.)

Payment methods: PayPal for cash or gift cards from retailers like Gap, Macy’s, Amazon, Expedia, Groupon, Best Buy, Staples and more.

8. Inbox Dollars

Just like Swagbucks, InboxDollars’ app is also one of the top downloads to earn money online. However, InboxDollars is not just exclusively for US residents. In a comment on their Facebook Page, InboxDollars confirmed that it is open to non-US members as well. Members from outside the US earns through their referral program, cash tasks and cash games.

inboxdollars - online micro jobs

However, after I signed up with them I got locked out; saying that my password is incorrect and after two days of waiting, I didn’t get any password reset email from them. As determined as I am, I signed up using my husband’s email and I got this prompt:

online micro job - inboxdollars rejection prompt

That got me thinking that, perhaps, their platform prioritizes US residents. If you want to give it a try,  please do so and keep us in the loop if you were able to successfully sign up. Non-US members have limited income opportunities on this site, but its way better than nothing, right? And there are tons of sites that you can make money with to supplement this.

How you can make money with InboxDollars?

There are lots of ways that you can make money on InboxDollars. Among the popular ways are:

  • answering survey which pays $ 0.50
  • reading paid emails which pays $0.02 – $0.03 per email
  • trying free offers which pays you $0.25 to $3 when you compelete one offer
  • watching videos which makes up to $0.06 for each videos

To know more on way on other ways to earn money with InboxDollars, you can browse their FAQ page. A word of caution though, your account may become inactive if you don’t visit any service platforms of InboxDollars while being logged in OR confirm a paid email at least once within a 10-day period.

9. TranslationCloud

It is a cloud based translation factory where you can work as language translators for over 50+ languages. If you are fluent in two languages and want to earn money from it, then sign up with TranslationCloud (TC) for free through your Facebook account.

All translators work as proofreaders at first in TC. For security reasons, TC only provide a segment of the original project wherein you’ll vote to determine which is the most accurate translation among different choices. The more you participate, the higher your TranslationRank will climb.

translationcloud - online micro jobs

Once you reach the level 10 ranking, you can submit translations directly for more money. It says on their website that the average pay per hour is $11.50 for translation while the rate for voting varies and is less than the cost of translating.

Payment methods are: PayPal, Check, Western Union, Xoom, Wire Transfer. Minimum payout for PayPal is $1 while the rest is $100. Watch this video before you sign up.

10. FusionCash

Fushion Cash is a legit site to make money by participating online surveys and offers. This is only available to US and Canadian residents. Once you sign up with FusionCash, you get a $5 sign up bonus to your account. The minimum payout is $25 which can be through PayPal, checks or direct deposit.

How to make money with FusionCash?

What you see in the image below are FC’s most popular Paid to Sign Up offers (remember to cancel by the end of the month for paid subscription offers or else you’ll end up paying more than earning cash from FC.)

fushioncash- online micro jobs

But if you don’t want to do the paid offer, you can somehow earn money through:

  • Paid videos
  • FC surveys
  • Mobile missions/tasks (like you can earn $5while grocery shopping)
  • Paid to call
  • Games

11. Mechanical Turk

Owned by Amazon, Mechanical Turk is a marketplace where you can make money by completing Human Intelligence Tasks or called HITs. Signing up with Mechanical Turk is free and open to non-US residents. However, according to this reddit forum thread, most international applicants got rejected at first, and were accepted after few months or even years.

Once you’re in, you choose among thousands of HITs that you want to work on.  If you want to earn more money on mTurk, you have to choose those HITs with higher pay and would take you less time to complete. So this is how the HITs would look like:

mechanical turk - online micro jobs

Each HIT has a price that it pays when you complete it and a time alloted to do the task.The potential earning on mTurks depends on the number of tasks and hours you’ve invested but being on the right time also matters since it’s a first come, first serve basis.

Workers in the US and India have the only option to withdraw cash while those from other countries can only redeem their earnings through Amazon gift cards.

12. Toluna

Toluna is a survey site available in 62 countries and was established back in 2000 and ranked as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Market Research Firms. Registration with Toluna is completely free plus you get a welcome 500 points.

How to make money with Toluna?

With Toluna, you’ll get paid by participating in surveys, completing your profile surveys and in sponsored surveys. Once you’ve earned 60,000 points, you can then redeem your points for rewards on their Reward Center.

Below are some of their rewards. So, if you prefer cash, you can redeem it with PayPal with 20,000 points equivalent to Php 250 or $30 for 90,000 points.

toluna -online micro jobs

Available in different countries: PH Toluna Sign Up, CA Toluna Sign UpUS Toluna Sign Up, AU Toluna Sign UpUK Toluna Sign Up, IN Toluna Sign Up

13. Microworkers

Microworkers is an international online platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world. You can select various micro jobs available on their site. Simply complete the simple tasks given by the employers.

You can get paid by testing apps, YouTube commenting, Reddit upvoting, and many more ways to earn.


In Microworker, you can also be an employer if you want to promote your own business.

14. Smart Crowd Lionbridge

Smart Crowd (also known as Virtual Bee) offers you the ability to earn money by completing small tasks that you can fit in your schedule.

You can work anytime, and wherever you want; and as many tasks as you choose. You are also connected to a global community of workers just like yourself.

There is no obligation and most of all, it is free to join. Rates are set for each task, and they pay once per month.

If you have already signed up, you must complete at least one placement evaluation before you can be considered for work.

15. Cash Crate


Cash Crate is one of the oldest micro job sites on the internet. At Cash Crate, you’re going to get paid for your opinion. It really does not get any easier than making money online and getting paid for doing online surveys.

Once you reach $20, you’ll receive your payment the next month.

So what are the ways to make money on CashCrate?

  • Offers – Get paid to try new products and sign up on free websites.
  • Surveys – Earn cash for taking research surveys and giving your opinion.
  • Interact – Earn points towards prizes for socializing, playing games, and winning contest.
  • Shopping – Get cash back on purchases you make at hundreds of your favorite retailers.
  • Referral – Share Cash Crate with your friends and make money when your referral start earning.

Get your first $1 directly on your Cash Crate account by signing up.

16. Userfeel

Get paid by conducting a usability tests on websites. Each test will last 10-20 minutes and you can earn $10 per test.

If you are using Windows computer, you need to have at least Windows 7 or newer version to start a usability test. Plus a microphone since you will be asked to perform certain tasks; it’s more like giving your opinions for the site and their features while you navigate on it.

You don’t have to buy a product to test, but there are times that you need to proceed on checkout pages for testing.

To become a Tester you MUST:

  • Speak your thoughts on the microphone.
  • Tell what confuses you, and what attracts your attention.
  • Explain why and what you do every time.
  • Propose something that would help the site provide better user experience

You can check the Test FAQs for more details. Payments are paid via PayPal.

17. TryMyUI

TryMyUS is the same as Userfeel. You get paid to use websites and apps, then give your honest feedback that would be useful for improving the site.

How does it work?

  • Video featuring your screen and voice as you use a website or app
  • Your written responses to a short wrap-up survey

There’s no limit on the number of tests that you can do, but there are only a few available each week.

You can make a few extra bucks doing something fun in your spare time. Tests are cleared for payment after being reviewed and accepted by their graders.

And payments will be paid every Friday through PayPal.

18. Task Rabbit

Available in metro areas in the US and London (check the list here), Task Rabbit’s “Taskers” are getting paid to work for tasks that are unconventional. From fixing pipes to cleaning the house, from delivering a gift to assembling a furniture — you can find all sorts of these “neighborly” jobs on Task Rabbit.

Task Rabbit does have virtual works, too. However, you can’t pledge to ONLY do virtual tasks. Here are the lists of virtual works that you may find on TR.

To apply as a Tasker, you must complete your application form and check your email for an invitation orientation. They do have a pretty rigid application process.

Task Rabbit charges your card $20 for criminal background check to ensure safety of their community.

The pros of working for TaskRabbit is that you can create your own schedule,  choose your rate and take as many tasks as you’d like. Some tasks are easy and fun to do, too — so you definitely won’t be bored with different tasks that you can apply.

Got some questions in your head? Check out their support page here.


Some of these micro jobs are worth trying, and I hope with this list you can earn extra income online. It won’t make you big time, but you should be able to make money for your groceries and pay the electricity bills.

Depending on your hard work (and, well, strategy), these micro jobs could replace your full-time job. (Don’t rely on just one micro job site, though.)

And oh, we’d be very delighted to include your stories on one of these sites. Just comment below, or share it with us on Facebook. =)

If you want to get more updates regarding how to make money online, subscribe to our mailing list below. Don’t worry, we also hate spam and we will only send emails that we know will be helpful to you. =)

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