NoobMiner Review: Earn XMR Using Your Browser

NoobMiner Review. Now, it is possible to mine coins like XMR by only using your browser.

With the help of NoobMiner site,

Mine Monero in your browser!

Use all your devices, such as laptops, gaming rigs and even your cellphone.

Sign up now and receive 4 million hashes for free.

Always 100% free.

How to Use NoobMiner

It is just very simple, you just need to sign up, and once you logged in on your account go to Dashboard.

And on the right side part of it, click on Start Mining.

NoobMiner Review Mining

You can also adjust the Threads and Speed to mine faster.

Payment Proof

For now since I just started it, I don’t have my own payment proof. But you can help me get it and I will paste it here if you will sign up under my link.

You will also receive 4 million hashes bonus for that.

Here are some FAQ’s

My antivirus program warns me about virus!

We are aware that some antivirus program are blocking the miner.

This is because similar miners are used to mine in the background on web sites without users approval.

The miner does not contain any virus, its a simple javascript thats interacting with your CPU.

Can i use multiple devices?

Yes, you can use as many devices as you want simultaneously. Just log in on another device and start mining!

What kind of device can i mine on?

In theory you can mine on all devices that has a web browser that supports javascript. Even your cellphone, hence it will probably not be that powerful.

What kind of devices are recommended to mine on?

The more powerful the device is the better. But every computer will do just fine!

If you have a gaming computer you will probably do very good!

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Why can i only mine Monero (XMR) ?

To mine Monero, you have to calculate hashes with an algorithm called Cryptonight.

This algorithm is very compute heavy and – while overall pretty slow – was designed to run well on consumer CPUs.

There are solutions to run the Cryptonight algorithm on a GPU instead, but the benefit is about 2x, not 10000x like for other algorithms used by Bitcoin or Ethereum. This makes Cryptonight a nice target for JavaScript and the Browser.

Our miner uses WebAssembly and runs with about 65% of the performance of a native Miner. For an Intel i7 CPU you should see a hashrate of about 90h/s.

We are improving the miner all the time!

Can i get paid in any other crypto currency?

Not at the moment! It might be possible to convert your Monero to other currencies in the future.

Why is there a withdrawal limit?

The payout limit is necessary since there is fees involved in transactions.

If we allowed lower withdrawal limits, a big amount of your payout would go to fees.

How do make money?

We take 10% of the miners profits. So basicaly we get 10% and you get 90%. Also there may appear some ads on the site.

How do the payout work?

When you have reached the payout limit, the withdrawal button will be enabled. When you request a payout, you will get a pending transaction.

We process payouts once every 24h, the reason why we do not have an automated payout system is because we want to make sure that all the payouts are correctly processed.

How do the referral system work?

When someone signs up with your referral link, you will receive 500,000 hashes.

It is not possible to tamper with the system, only unique referrals will count.

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