MartCoin Review: Earn Up To 67% Per Day on Spinning Lending

MartCoin Review. A very unique way of ICO Lending with mixed of gambling. I know most of you want to take the risk to become financially free.

Here’s your chance to make it happen. Do it on MartCoin.

What is MartCoin?

MARTCOIN is a cryptocurrency, based on ETH blockchain, which integrates Smart Contract technology and ERC20 standard. As an ETH token and an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum
blockchain. It is intended to use as a basic building block that may be combined with other protocols to work advancing sophisticated. It allows MART owners to diversify their portfolio by accessing tags related to the
price of the asset. MART enables asset owners to unlock the value of assets by creating and selling or betting their asset tokens. As a result, MART will be widely used in the Betting market.

MartCoin Price Prediction and Roadmap

The target price of MartCoin as of end of Q2 this 2018 is $290.

MartCoin Review Roadmap

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How to Earn in MartCoin?

There are several ways how to earn in MartCoin:

  • Lending
  • Betting
  • Trading
  • Affiliate

Lending Spinning

Here you can spin and win the percentage of your interest per day. Up to whooping 67% per day, if you can spin it to Diamond.

MartCoin Review Lending Spinning


And below is the lending package and days of capital back.

MartCoin Review Lending

Online Betting

Where you can bet anything you like with us or with each other. There may be traditional gambling such as Poker, Roullete, Dice, or sports betting, soccer, horse racing or an election in any country, etc. The transparency of the system is ensured by blockchain and quick liquidity with Smart Contract.

On January 23, 2018, MartCoin will launch their Beta Betting Online.

World Cup 2018 – the world’s biggest football tournament is coming. Martcoin believes that they will achieve a goal of 1% of the betting market that will use Coins.

MartCoin Review Betting

Trading / Exchange

The basic idea of Trading is to Buy Coins at lower price from exchange and make profit by selling them at a higher price.

I’m sure that you already know about this.


We have an affiliate program up to 7 bonus levels for our members to promote MART coins to the world. Affiliate bonus will be obtained by way of members must join Spinning program at least once time. In the affiliate program, for the next when there are members or investors who do spinning through your referral then you can get an affiliate bonus instantly

MartCoin Review Affiliate

How to Buy MartCoins

Of course, first you need an account, so you have to register here.

Once you are logged in on your account, your next step is to Deposit ETH.

Go to Dashboard > Copy the ETH address to deposit.

MartCoin Review Buy Martcoin

If the transaction is already complete, click on Deposit Confirmation. And wait for a few minutes for it to appear.

Then, transfer the ETH to the internal trading to purchase MART by: Select “Send ETH To Exchange” in the “Wallet” menu.

MartCoin Review Buy Martcoin1

Click Send to confirm.

Now, go to Exchange and Buy your MartCoins. Just input the price and how many MartCoins you want to buy.

Then if you want to participate in Lending, you just need to transfer the MartCoins from your MartCoin Exchange to your MartCoin Wallet.

And to do that, just click on Transfer Mart under Wallet.

How to participate in Lending v2.0?

You have already purchase your MartCoins on the exchange, so you just need to Lending page.

Now, select “Lending Spinning“, in the “Invest Martcoin” select the USD amount you want to invest in us and select “Invest”. MART will be converted to USD at the exchange rate on the internal trading.

At present, there are 7 investment packages with the corresponding time as follows:

MartCoin Review Lending Package

On the same page, you just need to spin every day for your daily interest.

Your spin will be kept up to 6 turns if you missed your turns before. The first spin turn will be available the next 24 hours since you created the lending package.

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