4 Ways How To Make Money on Social Media

Do you ever wish that you could make money on social media instead of wasting much time on it? Well, you’re in luck! In case you miss the buzz, there are actually more money-making opportunities on social media than you’d realize.

And you don’t necessarily need a blog to start making money on social media. Yes!

But there’s a catch…

If you want to make money on social media and be successful at it, you have to put an effort in growing your followers/audience. Having only your family and few of your friends won’t make you go any further. Once you have built a large and engaged audience, Brands/Sponsors will have all eyeballs on you.


It’s simple. You promote their products, you get paid. The larger your audience is, the more likely they would want to work with you. Your audiences are potential customers for them as well. But you need not rely solely on brands or companies to create an income from social media — YOU (yes, you) can build your own business right off from social media.

To give you a clearer picture, let’s go ahead and dive deep on how you can make money on social media.

Ways to Make Money on Social Media

1. YouTube Partner Program

Are you fond of filming your travels or DIY crafts? Do you enjoy speaking in front of the camera? Then you can make some money out of it by joining the Youtube Partner Program.

You see those ads on YouTube? Google will pay you for placing those ads on your videos. That’s where the usual money comes from, but you can also earn directly from brands/sponsors. Or sign up with one of the largest ad network IZEA and be a brand ambassador.

However, if you want to just run ads on your video, you must have at least 10,000 views before you can start monetizing your videos using Google ads.

This feat is not those get-rich-quick schemes, although there are YouTube stars who are earning 6 figures. And the pay varies a lot, too.

It depends on your:

  • audience engagement (if they watch those ads or just hit the skip ad button)
  • numbers of ads per video
  • types of ads (video or banners)
  • number of views
  • the geographic location of your audience

Those are just some of the factors that determine your pay rate. But the average pay per 1,000 views is usually around $1-4. It takes real effort, consistency, creativity and sheer luck to make a lucrative money out of YouTube.

For a clearer idea of how Youtube Monetization works, you can watch this 5-minute video.

YouTube won’t be on our first list for no reason, of course.  We have also made money from it along with our blog. But it isn’t that big since it’s not our main platform.

The good thing about these videos is that after you upload it — and beefed it up with the right keywords for search engine visibility– it can still make passive money (though not that much for us) for many years; even if you don’t have millions of subscribers or regularly update your channel.

Here’s a sample of a small passive income that we earned from our past YouTube videos. (And that’s for F.I.V.E years huh ..) I know you could do better than this.

Make Money On Social Media -YouTube Lifetime Earnings

I personally like the idea of creating a story from a raw video. But the editing takes a loooot of time. A good quality 5-minute video could take a day or two of editing, depending on your skills (Chris is better in editing than me). But if it doesn’t bother you at all, then you can try it yourself and see if earning on Youtube on the side is your thing.

2. Facebook

Since Facebook is the largest social media network, it offers more ways to earn money than the rest of other social media sites since brands or companies would like to tap those active markets. So instead of spending hours just scrolling your newsfeed, why not make a side income from it, right?

Here are the top ways that you can make money with Facebook:
  • Sell your own products OR affiliate products. If you have a blog, this is the best site to promote your own products or affiliate products (you get paid for purchases made using your referral link) provided that you disclose it to your audience as per FTC rules.

However, you can still promote affiliate products/services on Facebook even if you don’t have a blog. Among the top two sites where you can sign up as an affiliate are Amazon and Clickbank. You can even post your referral links for services or apps like Payoneer, Freelancer, Ebates and earn from it.

  • Sell Print-on-Demand Products. Do you see those pages that advertise cool-looking hoodies and funny t-shirt prints? You don’t have to buy and resell actual products on your own — that’s totally old school. With the surge of Print-on-Demand businesses, you can either promote someone else’s store on your Facebook page and earn referral money OR create your own designs for FREE while companies like Zazzle and TeeSpring do the printing, collecting, shipping, and after-sales service.

What you simply do is integrate your merchant store on your FB page and promote it to your followers.

  • Sell Fanpage Posts. So you have a large and engaged Facebook page but still not sure how to monetize it? Well, this one is the easiest way to make money out of your page.

You can go to ShopSomething and set a selling price for each post. Start earning money every time advertisers ask you to share their post on your page. However, you MUST qualify if the said post is relevant to your followers. The last thing you’d ever want to do here is post contents that are not useful to your audience.

  • Sell Endorsement Services To Brands. When you have large and raving followers, it’s actually easy to introduce and sell products to them since there is already the TRUST between you and them. What you can do is approach local merchants in your area, promote them and charge them for your service. You can work your way up and start approaching big and well-known brands and endorse their products on your page for a fee.

To find the right contact info for a brand, just visit their website and scroll down to the bottom and look for the PR or Media link.

3.  Instagram

With over 50 million plus active monthly users, it’s no wonder why Instagram is used by 48.8% of brands to promote their products/services. In the coming years, marketing on Instagram will totally explode.

If you want to be part of that success, then now is the time. You have to come up with a niche or theme for your Instagram photos and consistently post to grow your social reach. Once you hit the 5k mark, then try one of these ways to make money with Instagram

  • PopularPays.  This platform makes it easy for brands and influencers (like YOU) to connect. Brands create a campaign on this site and once you see it relevant to your audience, you can apply and produce your own content to share when approved.

PopPays has worked with big brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Banana Republic, Amazon, Google and more.

  • Delmondo. This company isn’t just exclusively for Instagram. You can also monetize your Facebook, Snapchat, Muscial.ly and Youtube using Delmondo. Create an account with them and start making cool videos for big brands and for your followers to enjoy.

And if being on TV or Film is your biggest dream (oh, Hollywood??), this could be a great stepping stone for you. Delmondo has partnerships with the entertainment industry and have been building brands for more than 10 years for Grammy and Emmy award-winning creators.

  • Dash HudsonBeing part of this network means you get to work with leading brands in apparel, luxury, beauty, food, travel, and publishing. Dash Hudson has a strict application standard wherein only 1% of those who apply gets accepted.

If you already have 10,000 Insta followers, you can sign up here and submit your Instagram account for evaluation. They’ll contact you once they see you fit to work with brands like Vanity Fair, Glossier, Vevo and more.

4. Twitter

How does $500,000 a year from Twitter sounds? Kris Sanchez, the founder of a popular Twitter account UberFacts, makes a fortune out of Twitter from sponsored links.

You can apply on one of these ad networks and who knows, you might be the next Kris Sanchez. But don’t get your hopes up. Try it out first and if you think it works for you, then go ahead and work like crazy in building your Twitter platform.

  • The most simple way to monetize a large twitter account is to sell your service on SEOClerk, Fiverr and other micro job sites. There are clients who’d really buy Tweets/ Twitter followers just to gain brand visibility like $5 for every 100 followers.
  • Sign up with SponsoredTweets where you can work with brands/sponsors and get paid to Tweet about their products. Since you are competing with other influencers, make sure to set your price right and not too high or too low.
  • Adly is an ad service that lets you send out ads in your Twitter stream. It’s not a paid-per-click system. Instead, you create a profile with your interests and Adly advertisers can choose your account to run a campaign. Each ad is sent on specific schedules, with your approval, of course, and you get paid a lump sum.
  • PayDotCom lets you earn sales commission up to 80% by promoting various product links on your Twitter account. But don’t be spammy! Each product has different commission rates and instructions. You can check some products on their Marketplace page. All payments are made through PayPal.

What about you? Do have any experience monetizing your social media platforms? How did you do it? Tell us about your experiences in the comment sections. Would love to hear from you. =)


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