MailerLite Review: The Best Mailchimp Alternative in 2017

Consider this as my MailerLite Review, and I will show you why I would say that this is the best email marketing for beginners.

After several days trying to find the best email marketing for my site. Finally, I found the most suitable one and that is MailerLite.

But first, let me share with you my little story.

I used to have Mailchimp when I was still building my email list.

But by the time I created a campaign for my readers, they suspended my account for violation of rules.

I don’t really know the reason why. So I tried contacting them, but no response.

Then I decided to create another account and made a very simple email, but the same thing just happened.

For some reasons, there bots are not accepting my site. Then I contacted them again.

They said that I can’t use their service, and they do not specifically say the reason why, but something about my site.


I am actually thinking, “What is wrong with my site?”

So I tried finding Mailchimp alternatives, and I found MailerLite.

Honestly, I don’t have a good experience of MailerLite at first. Just like Mailchimp, my account got suspended when I tried to send my first campaign.

So I can say that there might be something wrong with my site that is causing the bot to suspend it.

But their support is so responsive and immediately review my site.

After seeing several of my posts, they reconsidered my site.

Now I am really glad that Mailchimp suspended my account.

I was so happy because by the time I registered on MailerLite, I really like the features they are offering.

And I made a MailerLite Tutorial so it will be easier for you to follow.

What are these features?

  • Choose 4 types of Campaigns
  • Notify when someone unsubscribe
  • Create a Webforms
  • Make an Automation

Okay, let’s get into details.


Here are the four types of campaigns:

  1. Regular Campaign
  2. A/B Split Campaign
  3. Auto Resend
  4. RSS Campaign

Aside from the regular campaign, what I do love to use is the RSS Campaign.

In RSS Campaign you can send your latest posts to your readers on your preferred schedule.

How to Create a Campaign in MailerLite

Creating a campaign is just a few clicks away after you have registered.

Go to Campaign > Create Campaign.

You can also find the “Create Campaign” on Dashboard.

MailerLite Review Campaign1

Then choose the type of campaign you want to send (Regular Campaign, A/B Split Campaign, Auto Resend, RSS Campaign)

For the Regular Campaign, you need to input:

  • Subject
  • Who is it from?
  • Language

MailerLite Review Campaigns

And then,

You have an option whether to use the Template Gallery for your content, or you want to create your own.

But on this example I just want to make it simple, so I choose the “Rich text editor“.

MailerLite Review Campaign2

Write your content on the left side and you can also edit the font, size and link color on the right side.

Once you are finished editing your email, just click on “Done Editing“.

You can now proceed to Recipients.

Here’s the good news.

Let’s take for example you have previously sent an email campaign. But some your readers did not open it.

You can also send them a follow up to those who did not read your email.

Just click on “Send to segment“, then select “Never opened“.

MailerLite Review Campaign3

But if this is your first time sending a campaign, just select the whole list.

Then click on “Next: Review and confirm“.

Next is Schedule.

You have the option to “Send now“, or “Send later“.

That’s it. Pretty simple, right?

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You can import or add manually the email of your subscribers here.

First, you need to add a group by click on “Add new group“.

Then enter the name of your group.

Now if you want to import your list, click on the group you have created.

Click on “Add new subscribers“.

MailerLite Review Subscriber

You will see an option to Import from a CSV or TXT file, Copy/Paste from Excel, or Add a single subscriber.

Select what option is best for you.

Aside from that,

You can also customize the Unsubscribe page, and get notified using Subscriber notifications when someone unsubscribe from your email list.

MailerLite Review Subscriber1


They offer four types of Webforms:

  • Popup Form
  • Landing Page
  • Embed Form
  • Subscribe Button

I used the Popup and Embed form on my website.

To create your own webform is just very simple.

And I am going to show you the steps on how you can create a Landing Page.

Go to Webforms > Choose Webform type > Select subscriber group > Choose Template.

Once you have already chosen the template, you can now add some text or edit the template design.

MailerLite Review Webform

Click on “Done Editing“, once you have finished customizing it.

On the Page Settings, you have an option to add your own domain on Landing Page URL.

If you want to this page to be searched on search engines, enter your Page Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description.

Then make sure to check “Allow search engines to index this landing page”.

Facebook share is also optional.

Then click on “Save and continue“.

That’s it. You have successfully created your Landing Page.


You can create your autoresponder / automation here.

As an example, I will guide you to create a simple workflow that will send an email after they subscribe on your list.

On Automation page, click on “Create a new workflow“.

Then create a Workflow name > Select a group > Select a trigger.

MailerLite Review Automation

After filling up the information, click on “Save“.

Since we want to welcome our readers, select “Email“.

MailerLite Review Automation1

But you can also set some delay, or condition if you want to.

Then “Define your email”, by entering your Subject, Who is it from, and Email Content.

Once you have finished editing your email content, click on Done Editing.

Now, all you need to do is to turn ON your workflow to start working.

MailerLite Review: Building Your Email List

Among of the FREE email marketing services, MailerLite is the best for me. So if you are just starting to build your email list, then I strongly recommend to use MailerLite.


Aside from it is FREE up to 1000 subscribers, it has a lot of features to choose.

You don’t have to pay until you reach 1000+ subscribers.

And the price? It’s just so affordable.

MailerLite Review Pricing

You don’t have to think twice.

Register now and start building your email list.

Let me know if you need some help, and don’t forget to subscribe.


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