LegitCoin Review: Earn Up To 43% Per Month (Lending) [SCAM/LEGIT]

LegitCoin Review. Have you ever thought if you have buy more Bitcoins when the price is only cents, then you could be a millionaire today, right?

We can’t change the past, but we still have a chance to do it on LegitCoin.

A new coin for Lending, Bounty, and Exchanges.

ICO already started, and if you have purchased at least 200 Coins, then you are eligible for LegitCard.

LegitCard is used for withdrawing Legitcoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in realtime cash at ATMs worldwide.

LegitCard is free for users who purchase 200 Legitcoin tokens during our ICO.

What is LegitCoin?

Here’s a short video.



LegitCoin Roadmap

Below is the roadmap of LegitCoin for this year.

LegitCoin Review Roadmap

How to Purchase LegitCoins

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to register. You can sign up here.

By the way, just by signing up, you will also receive 5 LegitCoins.

Now, if you want to purchase your coins, you just need to Buy Tokens page.

LegitCoin Review Buy Tokens

If you want to change the quantity of coins, just enter the number you desired and click on “Change Quantity“.

That’s it.

Just simple as that.

You just need to wait after the ICO for the lending, trading, and your LegitCard.

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