How I Increased My Organic Traffic by 927% in Just 1 Week

How I increased my organic traffic in just 1 week? Believe it or not it is only because of my 1 post which the keyword is trending.

And on this post, I am going to show you how did I do it.

It started when I see an online business on Facebook. I knew that this business is still new, so I tried to search for a keyword on Google Trends.

What I found was very interesting.

It just started to trend and still going up every month.

Organic Traffic Google Trends

So I said to myself, “I have to do something with it, and fast.”

But before I created a post regarding this business, I tried to search it first on Google and check the results.

organic traffic google search 1

And I was more amazed with the results I found on Google,

I was very sure that time, that I can outrank the number 1 spot.

Why did I say that?

Is it because my site is better than those sites?


Because the top results are coming from forums and Facebook.

And their content is not even a real post.

They simply promote the business on these sites, so that means it is not a valuable content. Then I realized that if I create an article about this business, I will be on the number 1 spot.

So I immediately registered and study how the business works.

After I know how the system works, I was then able to create a post, and published it on my site.

You already know my target keyword, and that is “Pluggle review”.

Now, if you will search this on Google, I am pretty sure that I am the number 1 spot.

But not only for that keyword, I also rank on number 1 spot for the keywords: “Pluggle Scam” and “Pluggle Legit”

In just 4 days after I published my post, I was able to increase my organic search to 927% compared to the previous week.

That’s from 33 to 339 organic searches.

google traffic google search

Just in case you are curious about this business, you can check the post I made below.

Organic Traffic Key Points

Here are the keys how I increased organic traffic on my blog.

Unique Name

One factor that made my post to hit the number 1 spot on Google is the unique name of the company.

And that is “Pluggle”.

I just encountered this name lately, and I was so curious about so I registered.

And because of that curiosity, I was able to get more traffic from Google and the rest of the search engines.

It is really best if you know some of the new business online. So you will be the first to review it, which is a big advantage.

But you need to research further and write a valuable content, and know if the business is legit or not.

Less Competition

I mentioned earlier that the results I found on Google with my target keyword is not even a real post.

What do I mean by a real post?

A real post is a valuable content that consists of at least a thousand words with targeted keyword. And it should be published on an authoritative site/blog and NOT on the Forums or Facebook.

So in my case, I have no competition to my targeted keyword which is “Pluggle Review”.

Because no site/blog was able to publish a content for this topic yet.

That means I was the first to review it.

Which I found it a great opportunity.

You may want to these:

On Page SEO

My post wouldn’t rank any higher if I didn’t use the basic On Page SEO.

So here are the things I consider:

  • Keyword in the Title Tag
  • Keyword Starts at the Beginning of the Title
  • Keyword in the Description Tag
  • Keyword Appears in H1 Tags
  • Keyword Density
  • Content Length
  • Duplicate Content
  • Image Optimization
  • Keyword in H2 and H3 Tags
  • Keyword Word Order
  • Keyword in URL

Now, let me give a brief description of these ranking factors.

1. Keyword in the Title Tag

It is the webpage second most important piece of content and sends a strong On Page SEO signal. Before creating a content, you need first to identify what Keywords you are targeting with.

Make sure that your keyword is definitely on your Title Tag.

2. Keyword Starts at the Beginning of the Title

According to Moz Data, keywords that starts at the beginning of the title tend to perform better than the keywords at the middle or the end of the tag title.

Organic traffic keyword

3. Keyword in the Description Tag

It is not really that important for now, but it still makes a difference. Your targeted keyword should be displayed on the 1st paragraph, or it is on the first 100 words.

4. Keyword Appears in H1 Tags

H1 tags are considered as the second title and also sends relevant signal to Google.

Though most of my keywords are on subheadings H2, H3 and H4.

5. Keyword Density

It is not as important as it once before, but Google still use it to determine the topic of the webpage.

I have been using Yoast SEO since I used WordPress to determine the keyword density, it also suggests if my keyword density is low or high.

6. Content Length

Content with more words will most likely rank higher compared to shorter one. A case study from Backlinko shows that the average words on the first page on Google search has 1890 words, based on SemRush data.

I got 1700+ words on my post “Pluggle Review“, that is almost the average words.

7. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can negatively influence a site’s search engine visibility. Always write an original content.

8. Image Optimization

When uploading your image, make sure to input the ALT Text.

Images on-page sends search engines important relevancy signals through their file name, ALT text, title, description and caption.

9. Keyword in H2 and H3 Tags

It may be a weak relevancy signal, but it’s still a factor. Use your focus keywords in subheadings like H2 and H3 tags, as well, and not just on H1.

10. Keyword Word Order

An exact match of a searcher’s keyword in a page’s content will generally rank better than the same keyword phrase in a different order.

So for example, I could rank higher if they search “pluggle review” compared to “review pluggle”.

Though not in my case since I have no competition.

So even if you interchange it, I will still be on number 1 spot.

11. Keyword in URL

Another important relevancy signal.

Your URL must be simple, containing only your targeted keywords.

Organic traffic url


Sometimes blogging is not just all about SEO to get you on the first rank.

It is a race.

So, whoever created a real post first, will be on top. That’s simple.

If you want to outrank blogs to a certain keywords, that sure takes a lot of time. And there is no guarantee that you can outrank them.

Instead of doing this kind of stuff, it would be great if you will just create your own audience.

Audience who trust and love your work.

And later on, you will be rewarded.

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