Freelance Writing Jobs: 50 Websites That Pay You To Write – Ultimate List in 2017

Fear and doubt always cripple a writer from pursuing freelance writing jobs.

I’ve read countless stories online from freelance writers who admit that they are not the best writers out there, but yet, they were able to overcome their fears and make a living writing.

If you’re thinking that you’re not good enough and that you can’t possibly land even one client to pay your work…STOP!

I totally get you coz I was once like you. My self-doubt and fear were slowly pulling me away from my writing passion. But when I started to believe that I don’t need to be the best writer there is to earn money from writing, my confidence level skyrocketed and I’ve done things that I thought I couldn’t.

I’m not the best writer and I admit that I still have a loooong way to go.

But I always believe that if you’re serious in honing your craft, you got to write, write and write every day. And with the surge of technology, you can now make a living as a freelance writer right in the comfort of your own home.

In this post, we’ve listed from small to big sites where you can kick off your freelance writing career. While you may not be earning that big at first, but what matters is that you’ve taken action.

Freelance Writing Jobs Through Content Mills

Although not highly recommended by many freelance writers, these content mill sites are a good start if you want to “get your feet wet”. These sites offer freelance writing jobs from various types of writing style and from different clients across the globe.

Most of these sites pay as little as $1 for every 150-450 word content (yeah, I kinda know what you’re thinking). But if you want to know first how freelance writing works: writing a time-pressured quality output, then this is a good training ground for starters.

1. iWriter

New writers start at the Standard level with job orders ranging from a $1- $3 for a 300-500 word article. Once you’ve taken 30 freelance writing assignments with reviews, you can now go up to Premium level and finally to an Elite level where you get paid as much as $15+ for an article. Payments are made through Paypal.

iwriter - Freelance Websites Upwork Alternatives

iWriter prioritize the serious writers. Why serious writers? Because their Fast Track Program in which you will be promoted to Premium or Elite member in just 1 day is NOT Free.

So only serious writers would spend money to earn a lot of money.

But what will you get upon registering to Fast Track Program?

You can immediately apply to Elite or Premium writer type which offer higher prices. That’s means you don’t have to wait 30 reviews and go up as Premium or Elite member.

iWriter freelance writing jobs

2. Contentmart

Register with Contentmart and pass an English Language Test to create a solid profile. I got my first assignment from this site for a tech news writing assignment at $1.50 for a 350-450 word article (not the happiest day of my writing career but this gig opened bigger doors). You need to bid for open jobs before you can work on a job order.  Contentmart is open to all writers worldwide.

3. Contently

Unlike the usual content mills, in Contently, you need to build a portfolio first, pass certain exams and wait for them to contact you if your skills match with a job order.

Contently acts as an online agency for freelance writers and has worked with big brands like GE, HSBC, and American Express. Their pay is among the good ones in the market which one writer noted online that she was getting $0.35 per word or more.

4. Textbroker

Available to US writers only. There are three ways to work at Textbroker – you choose a project on their OpenOrder list to work on, work directly with a client and set your own price (given that you impressed the client and agreed to exclusively work with you) and join as many teams as you like while writing on a regular basis with client setting the price per word.

For open freelance writing jobs, the rate ranges from $0.05 – $0.07 per word.

5. Writerbay

If you’re more into academic writing, then Writerbay is perfect for you (although they do offer non-academic writing, too). To join, fill out their application form and pass grammar and formatting styles test.

You will then be required to upload an essay sample and a scanned copy of your higher education certificate that serves as a proof that you’re an expert in that certain field.

Once you’re approved, you can log into your account and start viewing available freelance writing jobs. According to their page, you can earn as much as $20 per page. Available to all writers around the globe.

6. Clearvoice

This site only quotes you the rate for a job order and take out their 25% if you want to work on that project. Once you decide to take the recommended writing job, you’ll be endorsed to a selection pool.

The brand/client will then choose among 5-10 freelancers in the pool on who they want to work with. Pay range is $0.10 – $1 per word. Clearvoice will make your portfolio by allowing site crawls on the web to find writers with a byline on top publications.

7. Domainite

They don’t have that further info about how it is to write for them but I found a link online on their freelance writing hiring form. You can either apply as a writer or an editor. Domainite pays $1.00 for every 100 words and pays weekly.

8. Great Content

Available to all writers worldwide, however, Great Content requires you to have a native English speaking level before you can apply. Just register by filling out the application form and confirming the emailed link.

You are then required to write a 200-300 sample text to evaluate your quality level and once you’re approved, you’ll have the access to freelance writing jobs based on your quality level.

Take note, this site takes SEO writing seriously. You’ve got to have a basic knowledge on how to write an article that is SEO-rich. Earn as much as $37.50 for a 500-word article.

9. Hire Writers

Available in selected countries only. Hirewriters has four levels: Beginner, Average, Skilled and Expert. As you complete more freelance writing jobs, you’ll move on to the next level and earn more money per article. Beginner’s rate for a 300-500 word article is at $2.25.

10. Essaywriters

To apply as a writer on this site, you need to fill out their online form, pass an online test and be reviewed by the HR department after three weeks. If you get approved, they’ll send you an email with your log in details and from there, you can see available orders and take those that you can complete.They also have other types of work which includes research, presentations, proofreading and editing.

11. Copypress

Founded in 2009, CopyPress is a freelance site for large scale projects which hires two kinds of writers: CopyPress General Writers and Specialty Writers/Bloggers. Registration is 100% free but is only available to writers in the US, Canada, Australia, and England. To get started, you need to read the free guide available on their website and get certified before you can work with them.

Results for the certification exams will be emailed to you within 5-7 business days, and once certified, you’ll have to wait around 3-4 weeks to receive your first assignment.

Project Managers will try to match a writer to the project, however, if you’re already certified, you can apply through their job boards without bidding for the jobs. General writers get paid for each assignment around $0.03 – $0.05 per word.

12. Text Writers

It has a wide range of writing assignments for all writers around the world. First, you have to fill out their application form, pass the grammar test and wait for HR approval.

Once approved, you need to upload a minimum of five original writing samples to sell on their website ($1-2 per 150-300 word article) before you can start bidding assignments on their job board. Writing opportunities on this site include ghostwriting, copywriting, article writing and much more.

13. Wordgigs

Open to beginning writers as well as experienced and professional writers but only those who are in the US. To work with them, you have to create an account with Wordgigs and pass the grammar and spelling tests.

However, if you fail, you will not be given any second chances. Once you passed, you’ll have to watch a short training video and after which, you can now browse the categories and pick up articles you want to work on. Standard article payout ranges from $4 for 350-400 words to $18 per 900-1,000 words.

14. Constant Content

Freelance writers make money through this site by creating a pre-written content and selling it on Constant Content market site, picking a custom content requests from clients on their job board or joining a team of expert writers for long-term projects.

If you have a blog or planning to have one, you can post a snippet code on your blog with your pre-written contents to promote and attract interested buyers to your content.

But I think pitching your own content to bigger and paying blogs/sites has a higher chance of selling your content and getting bigger payout rather than letting it sit there on Constant Content

15. Crowd Content

Works like Texbroker but it’s open to writers from US, Canada, UK, and Australia only. Once you signed up with them, you’ll be paid per word based on your star rating. For a 600-word article, writers with 1 star rating get paid at $13  and $72 for those with 4 star rating. You can check how much will you get paid using their pricing calculator.

Payments are processed through PayPal every second Friday of each month.


The Ultimate List of Freelance Writing Jobs 2017

Big Freelance Job Sites

In this section, is a resource of big job sites that hire writers with bigger payout compared to content mills. So if you want to skip the low-paying content mills and get to the next level, you can do so with these sites below. Most of these sites also offer other freelance jobs; you have to filter the search box and head over to writing category. Hope you’ll land a good freelance writing job from these lists.


The biggest freelance job site there is. Although there are clients who prefer to work with the lowest bidder, you can also find decent-paying client there on Upwork which ranges from $15-$100 per article depending on the  length. If you want only those high-paying projects, just create a filter on the left side. Writing jobs found on Upwork would include ghostwriting, blog writing, copywriting, reviews and more.

17.  Freelancer

Like Upwork, Freelancer also has large choices of work-from-home jobs. However, for Free members, you have limited number of bids which you can use to apply on its job board. The higher level of membership you’ll avail, the more perks you get to enjoy.

18. Outsourcely

Founded in 2014, Outsourcely is perhaps one of the fast-rising remote job sites as it features various job openings from different categories. And what’s great about this site is they don’t take a cut from your earnings – you get 100% of your hard-earned money. This site aims to build a long-term work relationship between its clients and freelancers.

19. iFreelance

Clients can post a job here on iFreelance for free while freelancers pay monthly subscription to create profiles and bid on projects.

If big sites like Upwork takes a cut from your earnings, on iFreelance you won’t be charge anything for what you earn. But you won’t get as much writing projects to bid on this site. As of writing, the site has only 6 available writing projects which are too low compared to other sites.

20. Project4Hire

It works more or less like freelance marketplaces Upwork and Freelancer, but at Project4Hire if you are a Basic Freelancer, you are required to pay $5 fee to accept a project. For Premium paying Freelancer, it’s completely free. Project4Hire also lets you view your competitor’s bid and their profile too.

21. Craigslist

This site also has a job board page with a wide range of category. Head over to the writing/editing section to see a list of job posting related to writing. Be careful not to fall prey to scammers as they are lurking on Craigslist but some people landed a real writing job through this site.

22. Flexjobs

If you want to find a legit work-from-home freelance writing job, you can find tons of them on Flexjobs, however, you need to pay a monthly membership fee of $14.95.  Given Flexjobs’ track record of providing legit companies which offer flexible jobs in 55 different categories, you are guaranteed to land a scam-free job.

23. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a social media site for those who want to build a professional network but it is also a job site. You’ll be able to view job ad relating to your profile. But if you want to find a job easily, you can try their first month trial for free or proceed with its monthly premium fee of $24.99.

24. CrowdSource

It only lets you view job orders which you are qualified at after passing their training and testing stage. Writing gigs available on CrowdSource are article writing, blog writing, buying guides, product descriptions, and recipe-writing.  Underperformers are restricted from future work until they undergo another training.

25. Indeed

Like Flexjobs,  Indeed has also a wide range of work-from-home and on-site job posting. Big companies also post an ad on this site. You just do you part by filtering search results to get the most comprehensive list of freelance writing jobs.

26. We Work Remotely

It definitely has a simple and direct-to-the-point web experience. When you visit the site, you’ll automatically land on a page full of job postings from different companies across the world under different categories.

Just click on the job ad link and you’ll be redirected on the job ad details. No middleman and no bidding. You can directly pitch to the recruiter.

27. GoLance

Takes pride of being a freelance-centered job marketplace. Aside from finding a job, freelancers can also earn passive income by referring qualified freelancers. Once your referral gets hired and paid, you’ll get a cut from her/his revenue.

For bigger projects which are beyond your skill set, you have the option to subcontract your work and hire experts to help complete your job – a system pioneered by GoLance as per info on their site.

28. SpeedLancer

As the name itself suggests, Speedlancer is all about submitting content within 4 hours after closing the bid. A 300-500 word blog post is paid at $30-50 while press releases are around $400.

Content writing job on Speedlancer are only available for writers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia but the rest of the other tasks such as designing, data entry and full stack developers are open to all freelancers worldwide.

29. Work Hoppers

Is an offline and online freelance job site which works like Flexjobs. You can choose among a wide array of flexible jobs pre-screened for you based on your profile and negotiate your compensation directly with the clients. Freelancers take 100% of their earning.

30. PeoplePerHour

Offers remote and on-site jobs from different categories and you choose if you want to send proposals on fixed-priced or per hour jobs. So far, there are lots of job postings on PeoplePerHour (PPH).

What’s great with PPH is that you are assured that clients won’t run away from you after you work on their projects since they have an escrow account (like a deposit) agreement with their clients.

31. Guru

Creating an account with them is free but like the rest of bigger job sites, paying membership also means you get more perks than the free accounts.

They also take a cut from your earnings (job fee) after each completed job which starts at 8.95% for basic membership. The higher membership you have with Guru, the lesser job fee they’ll get from your earnings; the same goes with Freelancer and Upwork.

32. Cloud Peeps

At Cloud Peeps, you can connect with clients through pitching on its job listings or promoting your services on the website.  The downside is that Cloud Peeps only accepts freelancers who are operating out of one of the 25 countries which are Stripe-supported.

33.  Simply Hired

Available in selected countries only. Simply Hired is a job board for different job categories. Just filter your search query to writers job posting to get a complete list.

Most big companies like Facebook, Buzzfeed, and HBO post their job ads in here. So this site is practically a gem but not all our offering remote freelance writing jobs.

34. Virtual Vocations

This site offers telecommute jobs which are hand-screened by real people; similar to Flexjobs. Choose the writing category among its 44+ categories to view the entire lists of freelance writing jobs. Free account has partial access to its database while paid members starting at $15.99/month gets full access and other perks.

35. Scripted

Available to 18 countries only, Scripted lets you pass the test before you can create your profile and claim jobs. On this site, you can also directly pitch to customers on their job board,

Freelance Writing Job Boards/Sites

In this section are job boards/sites exclusively for freelance writing jobs. Some of these are blogs which collates freelance writing job ads across the web and post it on their blog’s job board or send it as newsletters to their readers. Without further ado, here are the lists of freelance writing job board sites that you can browse to:

36.  Freelance Writing Gigs

37. ProBlogger

38. Be A Freelance Blogger

39.  Blogging Pro

40. Freelance Careers

41. Asia Writers

42. All Indie Writers

43. Freelance Writing

44. Journalism Jobs 

45. Write Jobs

46. Who Pays Writers

47. Listiller

48. Writing Career

49. Online Writing Job

50. Wealthy Web Writer

Thanks for making it all the way down here.

How would you like to start your freelance writing career then?

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