CryptoCarbon – CCRB Review: Shop And Mine (25% Rate)

What is CCRB?

The World’s Most Innovative Consumer-Oriented CryptoCurrency due to its unique usability. Here’s a short video that explains almost everything.

What are your benefits?

By registering today, you can purchase the the CCRB coins at low price. Anytime this year, the price will rapidly increase with its huge customer.

Aside from that, when you purchase online you will receive a flat rate of 25% of the value of your purchase back in CCRB when you shop from thousands of affiliate retailers.

Tokensale is already started and the Flash TokenSale will end 6 Days from now (published date of this post).

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CryptoCarbon CCRB Review

CCRB is a great choice specially to those people who enjoy online shopping. They have a great return to your purchases, and you can even exchange it to BTC.

I would advised to buy coins today while they are still selling it at a very low price.

Within this year, the price will surely get higher and higher.

Ways to Spend CCRB

Here are the ways to spend your CCRB:


Purchase a gift card from some of the biggest retailers in the UK that can then be used in-store using up to 10% CCRB.


Buy from a huge range of more than 29,000 of our own-branded consumer products and pay using 50% CCRB.


Make massive savings investing in property worldwide by paying up to 50% in CCRB and being rewarded with up to 8% ROI.

Business Services

Use your CCRB to pay for a range of business-related services such as Accounting, Marketing and Professional Training.


One of the World’s Largest Classifieds Portal Search from over 15,00,000 classifieds & Post unlimited classifieds free!

Get your FREE CCRB by Registering Here


CCRB is currently listed on 5 Exchange Partners sites and more of them are coming soon…

  • LiveCoin
  • C-CEx
  • Mercatox
  • BTC-Alpha
  • Bittylicious

And they are also building their own fully functional crypto exchange, where CCRB will be one of the base market, providing more credibility, versatility and stability for our cryptocurrency.

They are currently the license holder for India and the Middle East, of the Ethereum token exchange named orderbook powered by Ambisafe.


The CCRB Ecosystem is what creates the usability that makes our cryptocurrency truly innovative and unique. CCRB launched the concept of blockchain technology written on the dynamics of the “Proof of Spending Protocol – POSp” (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

The “POSp” Protocol validates transactions and the participating parties, to create new value after every successful transaction. The POSp concept covers all validated spending including public sector spending, private sector spending, trade spending, charity spending as well as any kind of transaction that is processed between two or more parties.

CCRB Review

CCRB Roadmap

Here the 2018 CCRB roadmap.

CCRB Review Roadmap

CryptoLife (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)

POSh “Proof of Shopping – POSh” is part of the “Proof of Spending Protocol – POSp” (Patent App No: GB1719487.9). This concept makes mining cryptocurrency easy and accessible to everyone who shops. The “POSp” and “POSh” concepts are designed to resolve the current energy consumption issues that are currently an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry, specifically related to the mining of crypto.

Through our CryptoLife platform you can currently spend, mine and save with CCRB at the High Internal Rate© through more than 35,000 outlets, across millions of products in more than 200+ countries.

We have tied up with multiple service providers including CashBackApp, a leading provider of cashback and loyalty platforms to 20+ banks and financial institutions around the globe.

And below are some of the CCRB retailers…

CCRB Review Merchant

Affiliate Income

Share your  affiliate link to receive 10% bonus from every CCRB purchase made through. You can choose to claim your bonus in CCRB, BTC or ETH.

(Any CCRB that you earn from affiliate referrals that purchase CCRB will be available for withdrawal immediately.)

You also earn $10 worth of CCRB for every free signup on our site through your unique referral link.

(Note that all referral bonuses that you earn from free sign-ups on the CCRB website will be credited to the pending CCRB section of your account, and will be automatically moved to your approved wallet in the due course and made available for withdrawal once the Token Flash Sale is completed.)

Below are some of the important FAQ’s

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