BitToLearn/CoinPro Review: How to Make Money on CoinPro [Legit/Scam?]

Announcement: CoinPro is now BitToLearn and no longer pay. STATUS: NOT PAYING.

CoinPro / BitToLearn Review. Another business that is getting my attention lately.

It just launched on September 10, 2017, and still on pioneering stage.

That is CoinPro / BitToLearn.

I’ve been ignoring this for weeks and now I have decided to give a try.

And I know that it is a good idea.

Anyway, if you will Sign Up under my link you can also benefit from it thru Crowdsharing.

This is where I will distribute my earnings to my downlines.

And I am going to discuss later in this post.

What is CoinPro / BitToLearn?

CoinPro is an online and exclusive digital currency exchange, offering members a good deal in buying and selling cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) with Dollar.

They also offer an affiliate program and decent compensation plan for members in order to promote our exchange.

What are the Ways to Earn in CoinPro?

Direct Referral Commissions – P250 ($5)

You can earn P250 ($5) Commission for every successful referral who activated their account.

CrowdSharing Commission – 250 ($5)

This is Crowdsharing, where the P250($5) will be shared from your upline and downlines. This is where you can benefit from your Sponsor and downlines.

They will be sharing the P250 ($5) to Upline/Sponsor and to their downlines.

Meaning the P250 ($5) will be divided to their downlines and upline.

Sounds great, right?

So even you are not good in recruiting, you can still earn from me if you will Sign Up under my Link.

Expect a CrowdSharing Commission for my EVEN number referrals any time soon.

Because each person that will search on “CoinPro/BitToLearn Review” on Google, will definitely visit my site.

So you may not be good at inviting people, but you can still earn with my referrals.

That’s the good thing.

And the more slots you will purchase the more shares you will earn.

But I still recommend to refer more to earn more. Because the share is just a small amount compared to the Direct Referral Commissions.

NOW THIS IS NEW! Each slot or share will return 76.66 Php weekly for 12 weeks, in short your 800 Php will become 920 Php in 3 months WITH or WITHOUT active INVITES, not mentioning your other earnings from DR Bonuses and Crowdshares.

Maximum 10 slots per account name, accounts with more than 10 slots can no longer buy additional slot and have to create another account name to participate in order to balance the distribution of earnings in the newtwork.

How to Start in CoinPro?

First, you need an account. You can register at the link below.

Sign Up on BitToLearn Here.

How to Activate Your Account

Now it’s time to activate your account.

To activate your account, you need to pay P800 ($16).

You can pay thru Bitcoin Payment Processor or GCash.

Note: If you don’t have any of these options, you can contact me on Facebook for the other possible payment method.

If you are already logged in to your account, just click on Payin.

CoinPro Payin

Modes of Payment

  • / Any Bitcoin Payment Processor
  • GCash

Mode of Payment1

If you don’t have an account with you can register here.

You can Cash In/Deposit thru 7/11, ML, Cebuana, or Banks. Cash In an extra amount for extra charges. I do suggest to Cash In at least P900 in your Peso Wallet.

Coins.PH CoinPro Fee

After you make the payment, enter the information on the right side of Payin.

Once the payment is confirmed, your account will be activated and you will see 1 Slot on your Dashboard.

After my account was activated, instant income on my Dashboard.

CoinPro Dashboard

That’s it.

Now work on your referrals and earn more.

Very simple right?

To view your Referral Link, click on Referrals.

CoinPro Referrals

Here’s my 1 day earning after I registered in CoinPro.

CoinPro 1 Day Earning

How and when commissions are paid?

Commissions and payout requests are available daily, with a minimum of $20 (PhP 1000) with the selected payment processor.

Just go to your Wallet and click the Request Payout button.

Is available nationwide?

CoinPro is available both nationwide and worldwide, and to anyone with an internet connection.

Payment Proof

After 2 days of working I tried to withdraw my earnings. And below is my payment proof.

I have requested P1500 in my account, but I got more than P1500 because of the BTC rate.

The good thing is they never make lower it to what I have requested.

CoinPro 1st Payout

Recommended Business: 


Frequently asked questions.

Why CoinPro to BitToLearn?

As we all know Coinpro is growing fast and getting bigger and brighter to the point we caught the attention of international market due to the vast traffic in our site, So Mr. Lewis Wilson the new owner of former Coinpro and now BitToLearn buy the CoinPro ComPlan so it can market internationally, (ComPlan will not be changed).

So where is Mr. Roderick Paul Pujante?

As you are not aware Mr. Roderick, founder of CoinPro is a student, as the company grows the responsibility is getting bigger. Imagine if you were in his shoes, he almost live in remittance centers, so he decided to sell the CoinPro ComPlan (management still the same).

In the meantime, we will call our company BitToLearn. Coinpro will be back, we are just fixing legality issues and it will take time,


Transaction Concerns


Only one method appears on the site, but we offer you the transfer fund option for faster transaction, meaning to say you can now transfer your funds to your clients and they can use it to activate their account by adding slot in their account.


Sponsor: Robin with 4000 peso funds in his account

Client: Jeane wants to activate her account.

1st: Jean has to pay Robin 800 pesos (16$) using any method they agreed for (palawan, cebuana, etc)

2nd: Once the payment has been verified by Robin since he has 4000 fund in his account he will transfer 800php (16$) to jean account using transfer funds button in the dashboard

3rd: Once Jean received the fund she needs to activate her account by clicking the Add slot button.


Still the same.

Remember the site is up, but still not fully functioning, refrain from doing any transaction without further notice (hopefully by today October 6, 2017)

Let us LEARN and EARN with

If you did register under my link and want to activate your account, you can connect with me on Facebook (this is my FB account) so we can discuss your payment option.

CoinPro / BitToLearn Review

So far, in all my businesses today I like this CoinPro.


It is hassle free and less interaction with your referrals.

The Admin will do the activation for you.

So, do I recommend this?

Yes. Of course.

So register now and activate your account. Don’t wait too long.

If you need more assistance you can add me on Facebook, or join our Official BitToLearn Facebook Group.

And to get more updates, subscribe to our mailing list below.

Don’t worry, we also hate spam and we will only send emails that we know will be helpful to you. =)


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