CoinPoker Review: A Poker Room Built on Blockchain

CoinPoker Review. You might be a fan of Pokerstars, 888Poker, PartyPoker, and the rest of Poker room out there.

I played their Poker rooms, even the Sunday Million of Pokerstars.

But this year would be different.

Well, as you know, cryptocurrency is becoming more popular these years.

And experts would say that, cryptocurrenty is the future.

So, the future of Poker is also here. That is CoinPoker.

What is CoinPoker?

CoinPoker’s online poker platform is set to revolutionize the way online poker operates. You will be able to connect to our platform from anywhere in the world, use your tokens to play, be sure of a fair game and the safety of your funds. Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology will help CoinPoker offer immediate, pain-free transactions from every corner of the globe.


Poker Players Benefits

No less than 25% back to community.

Although there are obvious benefits to a blockchain poker site, the most important element to success is
providing as much value to customers as possible to poker players.

Every month no less than 25% of the revenue raised will be returned to the community through various
promotions including rake races, daily tournaments, jackpots etc. This is very important part of this project as these tools will ensure player loyalty through rewards. Not only that, these monthly contributions will reach players pockets and keep tokens circulating for a significant time period.

Daily and Weekly Tournaments

Each day we will schedule tournaments with additional CHP bonuses added.


Leaderboards will award active recreational players.


After development of this feature we’re going to contribute 15% of our monthly revenues to jackpots.


Through various promotions we will reward players who will bring other players to the network (refer-a-friend). In addition to this, we will reward players who play in our play money app version before the ICO with real CHP coins.

Loyalty Program

After development of loyalty program, players will be able to earn points from various games and limits. The more they play, the higher limits they crush, the more points they will get. However, this system will be weighted to benefit recreational players, more than the sharks. Later those points can be converted to CHP to buy into other games or tournaments at CoinPoker. After this program will be developed it will unite cashback and leaderboards.

How to Buy CHP Coins

You can now purchase the Coins on AllCoin. The first external exchange which CHP is registered.

Anyway, you can still register and play CoinPoker for FREE.

There are free tournaments currently running, and I actually won CHP tokens on my first game.

You just need to download the file, then install on your PC.

After that, you just need to register and play some free tournaments.

Hopefully, the CHP coins will be registered in exchanges this coming February. By that time, you can now buy your CHP coins and deposit it to your account.

And once it is already listed in exchanges, the price of CHP is also expected to rise.

So, purchase CHP as early as possible.

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