Coinmin Review (SCAM): How to Invest and Make Money [Legit/Scam?]

STATUS: NOT PAYING as of Oct. 28, 2017.

Coinmin Review. Lately, I have encountered a lot of sites that offers cloud mining.

But before you invest your money in any of these companies, always make sure that they have at least a certification.

I just wrote an article about CryptoHasher which has no registration.

Now, they stop paying their investors. That’s too bad.

I do think that Coinmin is different, and they might last longer if handled well.

Their website looks great, and they offer email and phone support.

Disclaimer: It is very important to do your own research before investing. Prolazydad will not responsible for your loss. We only provide information based on our own experiences.

How does it work?

They have 3 Investment plans, I only focus on the first one which is more affordable.

Investment Plan 1
Minimum Investment: 0.001 BTC
Maximum Investment: 5 BTC
Interest: Hourly for life time


In this plan you can invest a minimum of 0.001BTC (that’s around $5).

That’s too affordable I would say.

Then every hour you can earn 0.36%. Below is your possible earnings if you have invested 0.001 BTC.

Investment: 0.001
Hourly Earnings: 0.00000360
Daily Earnings: 0.00008640
Weekly Earnings: 0.00060480
Monthly Earnings: 0.00259200

In 12 days, you will get your investment back with a profit. (12 day earnings: 0.0010368)

After 12 days, that will be all profit.

How to Get Started?

You need a BTC Payment Processor (Blockchain,, etc…) to make a deposit.

Now, let’s create your account on Coinmin.

You can Register Here. [This is my referral link, I would really appreciate if you will register here. :)]

Fill in all the required information, and click “Submit Form”.

You will also receive an email confirmation for your registration.

How to Make Deposit

If you are already signed in to your account, click on Deposit.

Coinmin Deposit

Just scroll down a little bit, enter the amount you want to deposit.

Coinmin Deposit2

Then, click on “Make Deposit“.

You will be given a unique BTC Wallet Address where you can send your payment.

Coinmin Deposit3

Reminder: You need to pay first, and make sure that it is already confirmed before you click the “Deposit Paid” button.

You can use any BTC Payment Processor, but I used my BTC Wallet to pay for this.

Coinmin Deposit4

It may take several minutes before your transaction will be completed from

So wait until you can see your transaction has been completed in your account.

If you already saw that it has been confirmed, that is your Go Signal to click the Deposit Paid button.

Go to your Dashboard and you will see that you already have an Active Deposit.

Coinmin Active Deposit

Though your current balance may still be 0.0000000.

That’s because earnings is being reflected every hour.

After an hour you can check it again.

The more you invest, the greater the return.


After two days, I’ve got my first withdrawal.

Coinmin Withdrawal

Looks great, right?

I was able to receive it in just a few minutes.

You 6 simple steps in Coinmin Limited:
  • Get a personal Bitcoin address
  • Sign up for Coinmin website
  • Make a deposit
  • Wait for adding of your deposit
  • Get accruals every hour
  • Withdraw your profits
You may want to read:

Below are some important FAQ’s

Coinmin Limited is one of the best online investment platform. Coinmin Limited company is involved in the activity of Bitcoin mining and crypto currency trading.

You can create only one account. We don’t allow anybody to manage more than one Coinmin Limited account. We may disable all of your accounts if we find.

No, You can’t lose money. We make every possible effort to ensure safety of your assets and to make reliable profits.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC. And there is no maximum limited on withdraw amount.

Coinmin Review

I noticed that the Bitcoin cloud mining site is now getting so popular. There are a lot of new websites that have the same concepts.

Honestly, I can’t trust these kind of websites as I do think that they are still hiding something.

Questions like, “Is it really true that they mine BTC with their tools? Or they are just using our investment running in circles?”

Well, as a normal investor don’t really mind that as long as they are paying.

But what I can share with you is how you can earn from it, and if they are a paying company.

For now, the Coinmin Limited is a paying site.

But since this is still new, I cannot guarantee that this will last long.

So just be careful and only invest your extra cash.

STATUS: Under Observation | Stop paying as of Oct. 28, 2017.



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