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3 Ways how to level up your Freelancer career

3 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Freelance Career

You might think that you are already successful in your freelance career. You work at home at your convenience, you manage your own time, and you make money to get what you want. But you know what, that isn’t enough. Yes, let’s say you have

Virtual Assistant Tasks copy

Top Virtual Assistant Tasks That Every Newbies Should Know

Are you still in doubt if you can take some Virtual Assistant tasks, get paid and have it replace your regular J.O.B? Don’t worry, in this post we’ll touch some key points before you decide if being a Virtual Assistant is your kind of jam. The online

Advantages and disadvantages of Becoming a Freelancer

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Freelancer

Are you still confused whether you want to work an office job, or as an online freelancer?  Well, these 6 advantages and disadvantages of becoming a freelancer could help you decide. I’ve been working in a company for over 5 years, and I still felt

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10 Tips How to Become a Successful Freelancer

How to become a freelancer? Probably the most frequently asked questions from our readers. So let’s take a little bit of history. Freelance was originally two words, “free” and “lance”. Which means free men with a lance (spear) offered their services to wealthy landowners. In

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Upwork Profile Rejected: How To Get Your Profile Approved

Due to the large number of freelancers, Upwork is now reviewing each registrations (Upwork Profile) based on the opportunities in their marketplace. If they find out that the combination of your skills and experiences don’t have opportunities, then your registration on Upwork won’t be accepted. That’s

Freelancer Guide

Freelancer Tutorial: Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Upwork

We have decided to create a Freelancer Tutorial because our friends, relatives, and even co-workers keep on asking questions about freelancing. Questions like, Where do I start? How do I start making money online? Is freelancing worth it? Teach me how to find a job online. Those

UpWork Alternatives- Best Freelance Websites in 2017

Upwork Alternatives: 32 Best Freelance Websites in 2017

Working right next to your bed or anywhere in the world is sooo tempting. Freelance websites make it easy for aspiring freelancers to browse through hundreds, even thousands, of work-from-home jobs that promise work/life balance while bringing in more money on the table. Freelancing doesn’t

How To Turn Your First Online Job Interview To A Job Offer

How To Turn Your First Online Job Interview To A Job Offer

Nailing your first online job interview and turning it to a job offer is all about preparation. So the million-dollar-question is: how will you prepare to WOW your interviewer despite being a newbie in this freelancing business? What if the software won’t work?… What if