Blogging Tips: Top 5 Mistakes of Beginner Bloggers

These blogging tips will guide you what you shouldn’t do on your first 3 months of blogging.

I must admit that I am also one of those beginner bloggers that commit the same mistakes.

But those mistakes made me a better blogger, and I realized that there is no point of doing these things if you are just starting your blog.

Blogging Tips 5 Mistakes

Let me first ask you this question,

Why do you blog?

“I blog because my mother makes me?”

To tell you honestly, I blog because I want to become a freelancer. I want freedom from working for a company, and most of all I want to make money to sustain my needs and wants.

But beyond that, I want to provide service to people who needs my help. I want to share what I have learned, and how they can also do the same.

Blogging is a part of my life now.

And I just can’t stop writing my experiences, whether it’s good or bad, then share it to other people.

I tried quitting on blog twice, but I just keep on coming back.

That’s the time I consider blogging is really my passion.

And I do think that this is who I am now.

So if you blog mainly because you want to make money, you will probably fail.

Maybe not all, depending on your dedication, but most of them do.


Because they can’t last longer without making a profit.

So to set your expectation, blogging takes a lot of time. Sometimes it takes years to see a few dollars trickle in a day.

In rare situation, or let’s just say you are lucky enough, you can also make a thousand dollar per month in just a few months.

But you should not expect that it will happen especially now that there’s a huge competition out there.

So I have listed the “Top 5 Mistakes” you shouldn’t do during your first 3 months of blogging:

  • Tracking Your Traffic
  • Setting Your Goals
  • Creating Pages on Social Media
  • Submitting Your Site to Directories
  • Making Money

Don’t get me wrong, these things I have listed above are very important for the success of your blog.

But during your first 3 months, these will just give you heartaches and disappointments especially if you’ve spend generous time working on these.

And I’ll tell you why…

Blogging Tips: Top 5 Mistakes

1. Tracking Your Traffic

Why tracking your traffic on your new blog will just give you disappointment?

Imagine you give a lot of effort and time every week just to measure how much your blog has grown from day one to day thirty.

Blogging Tips tracking traffic

But all you will see are flat lines. Absolutely nothing.

Consider yourself lucky enough to have 30-50 pageviews per day.

But most of it might be coming from your own browser.


Yeah, reality bites. The time you spent tracking your traffic is not all worth it.

You could be more productive doing something else instead of checking back on your Google Analytics every now and then.

But I know you just can’t resist checking your site’s traffic, and that’s normal though.

Just don’t be affected on what you see and only check them maybe once day.

And don’t track them for now. Don’t spend plenty of time tracking your traffic for nothing.

Do something else that is useful for your site’s progress.

2. Setting Your Goals

During your first 3 months, you shouldn’t set your goals related to profit and traffic.

Yes, it will motivate you somehow, but it will also lead to discouragement.


What if you don’t meet your goals?

You’re going to realize that blogging is not for you and you’d end up quitting.

Your first 3 months is crucial, because it will test you if blogging is really for you.

As I have always been saying, blogging takes a lot of time, and you should never expect to get huge traffic in just a few months.

It requires hard work and dedication. In one word “Passion”. Do what you need to do without expecting something in return.

Set your goals on creating a good number of quality content for your readers rather than how blogging will benefit you.

You can set your goals if you have already see results from your blog. Let’s take for example after 6 months your traffic increases to 10,000 pageviews.

So your next target would be 20,000 pageviews on the succeeding months and so on.

3. Creating Pages on Social Media

Many bloggers are very excited to create  social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and more once their blog is up.

They want to get more likes and followers, but what will it do if you don’t have enough content on your blog to keep your readers hooked?

Focus on your blog first.

If you can’t even get at least 100-500 email subscribers, then it will not be worth trying other stuffs.

Consider your blog as the heart, and without the heart, the other parts will crumble.

But I did not mean you should not use these social media channels.

Social Media is also very important as your readers may also come from these sites. As a start, you may use your personal account in promoting your content so that they will also know who you are.

If they find your blog helpful, then they will start following you.

And it would be very easy for you to ask them for a like and follow once you have created your social media pages.

There’s no need to rush in creating Social Media pages.

4. Submitting Your Site to Directories

This could be a complete waste of time. Trust me, I’ve done that but I never saw significant increase of numbers with my previous blogs. If you are worrying about backlinks or SEO, then this is not how it works today.

As Bill Gates says, “Content is King”.

Quality content is the best SEO. So rather than submitting your blog to directories, give more time crafting content instead.

If you want to create strong backlinks, then guest posting is the best answer. You’ll have your work displayed in front of a larger audience.

And if they like what they read, they’ll surely follow you and even check your site.

One more thing, submitting your site to wrong directories can also hurt your site, especially when you purchase to increase your backlinks.

So better not try it.

If you want to be recognized by Google, play safe with their terms.

To rank higher on Google maybe difficult, but it is indeed doable.

5. Making Money

I have already mentioned this in the introduction, but I will discussed it in more detail.

By the time you have published your blog, you’d probably ask yourself, “How can I make profit out of it?”

This is the most common reason why people are inspired to start blogging — that is to make money.

But what if I’ll tell you that if your main goal is to make money, then it wouldn’t work.

Would you believe that?

When I started blogging back in 2012, my main goal is to make money on my blog; to quit my job.

But what happened?

I fail then, I quit. I ended up trying to find a day job again.

But then I started to blog again for the same reason, but the same thing just happened.

I realized that blogging is not just about making money.

You make money because you provide better services or solutions to your readers.

So what I can advice is, “Don’t aim to make money, but aim how to provide a better service.” That’s how blogging works. Once you prioritize how you can help your readers, the traffic, money and everything will follow.

Well, you would probably start monetizing your blog by ads or affiliates.

For me that should be fine, but during these days, you should never expect that you can make money in an instant.

It will never work! All it will give you is heartache.

Some bloggers start monetizing their blogs after 1-2 years.

Just always remember that blogging takes a lot of time. Sometimes, it take several years before you can make a decent amount of money from your blog.

Ask yourself again, “Why am I blogging?”

Deep down I know you already know the answer to this question.

Just what my teacher always say, “Patience is a virtue.” And in blogging, you need a heap of patience and hard work.

Think on how to provide a better service to your readers.


You can never tell the good and bad for your site unless you try it.

I was once a victim when I started my blog few years ago. So I wrote these 5 mistakes I have done so you won’t do the same thing.

But if you’re guilty on one of those things above, now is the time to avoid these pretty-covered pitfalls when you are just starting a blog.

Your blog’s first 3 months should be spent more on creating quality content on your blog and on other blogs through guest posting.

Be more specific with the goal you have for your blog.

Ask yourself, “How can I help my readers?

In that way, you have a better view.

I also found this 16 top tips from blogging experts for beginners helpful.

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