BCHConnect Review: Earn Up To 48% Per Month (Lending) [SCAM/LEGIT]

BCHConnect Review. Currently, I am looking for a trusted ICO Lending Program. So, I am very careful on every sites I joined in.

But despite of that, or no matter how careful you are, things may happened not the way you expected to be.

Well, I am not giving up though, and I am giving this a try again and again.

BCHConnect ICO just started last January 20, 2018 at the starting price of $0.40

What is BCHConnect ?

BCHConnect is a financial system with P2P transactions based on a open source BlockChain Technology.

BCHConnect provides various investment options which suit our customers who have varied investment strategies. Our customers can choose the plan of their choice and invest. 

A Lending platform to make our customers financially independent through a decentralized cryptocurrency. 

BCHConnect ICO Prices

BCHConnect ICO prices differ in 6 steps as follows:

BCHConnect Review ICO

Why Choose BCHConnect?

There are several reasons why choose BCHConnect:

  • Accessibility – BCHConnect is accessible to everyone in the world.
  • Low fees – Send money instantly with very low fees.
  • Reliable – A network that runs without congestion.
  • Traceable – Every transaction is traceable on the public Blockchain ledger.
  • Fast – Send money globally almost instantly, get confirmed in minutes.
  • Secure – A secure technology that is built on the top of blockchain.
  • Decentralised – Peer to peer system with no central authority.

By the way, if you want to join my team, you can register here.

How to Earn in BCHConnect?

There are several ways how to earn in BCHConnect:

  • Lending
  • Trading
  • Affiliate Network


Earn up to 48% per month thru lending on BCHConnect.

BCHConnect Review Lending

But here’s a bit of an advice, once the Lending is already available, don’t lend your BCHConnect coins yet.

Wait for the price to increase before you start your Lending.

Just let them stay a little while so you can lend in much higher price.


Buy ArbitraCoins at a lower price from ATC exchange and make profit by selling them at a higher price.

I’m sure that you already know about this.

It will be available after the ICO.

Affiliate Network

Opportunity To Earn Profit Via The Network.

ICO Rewards:

Earn 10% commission every time your referrals buy BCHConnect Coins during ICO.

Lending Rewards:

Earn a commission every time your referrals lends on BCHConnect platform.

BCHConnect Review Referral

How to Buy BCHConnect Coins

A very simple steps: Deposit Bitcoin > Buy BCHConnect Coins.

Yes, just as  simple as that. By the way, wait until the next ICO opens.

Anyway, you can start by registering here.

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