AuroraMine Review: Make Money on AuroraMine [Scam/Legit?]

AuroraMine Review. BTC mining is made easy thru AuroraMine. A new site that mines BTC in a new high-level.

A Cloud mining in a better way.

So you don’t have to install any software to start mining BTC. You can do it in just by registering in AuroraMine.

How does it work?

I am going to show you a step by step guide for you to start earning in AuroraMine.

Step 1. First, you need to create an account in AuroraMine. Click on the link below.

Register on this LINK.

Step 2. You will be redirected to AuroraMine website, click on Sign Up.

AuroraMine signup

Step 3. Scroll down below, and fill up the required  information.

AuroraMine Fillup

You will receive a FREE 100GH/s Power in your account. Any minute you see your BTC starting to grow.

You can check your earnings by clicking on Dashboard.

AuroraMine Dashboard

Now, if you want to earn more you need to invest by purchasing a Power.

You can check the steps below how to purchase Power.

How to Buy Power on AuroraMine

For now, they are only accepting BTC for the payments. So you need to have, or Blockchain account.

In my case, I used my to Blockchain since I want it to be more accurate.

I want to Buy in Dollar amount which is not available at

So, I transferred P400 first from to Blockchain. It is more than $5 since I expect some extra charges.

But you can also use your account.

Auroramine Buy Power Coins

Same as Auroramine

Buy Power Steps:

Step 1. To buy power in AuroraMine first you need to login to your account, then click Buy Power.

AuroraMine Buy Power

As of this writing, below is the minimum and maximum to deposit. But it will increase or decrease over time depending on the market.

  • Minimum deposit amount: 4.94 USD
  • Maximum deposit amount: 86403.06 USD

Step 2. Scroll down and send the payment to the given address.

The Bitcoin receiver address you will see in your account is unique and only available in your account only.

AuroraMine Buy Power2

Once you have paid the amount to the Bitcoin Address, it will automatically be reflected under Deposit History.

I suggest to put this information in the Description once you pay.

  • AuroraMine Buy Power
  • Your Username

Just to make sure that they can identify your account.

Step 3. You just need to wait for a few minutes or hours before they can verify the transaction.

Once the transaction will be completed, go to your Dashboard and check your Total Hashpower.

AuroraMine Buy Power3

You will earn 10% of your investment per day, so that means in 10days you will get your money back.

The more you invest, the greater the percentage.

Fair pricing system

500 GH/s
4.95 USD
10.0% Profit LIFETIME
3500400 GH/s
28883.28 USD
11.5% Profit LIFETIME
8166900 GH/s
57761.61 USD
13.6% Profit LIFETIME
14000000 GH/s
86639.94 USD
16.7% Profit LIFETIME

Referral Earning Rewards

You can also earn 6% from your Direct Referral / 1st Level.

3% on 2nd Level, and 1% on the 3rd Level.

But this is only applicable to their purchases of HashPower.

So they need to Buy Power first before you can get the extra power (ref power) in your account.

If you will sign up under my link, I will greatly appreciate it. 🙂

“Invest with your own risk.”

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AuroraMine Review

AuroraMine just launched last September 2017, so this may not be fully established.

But for now this site is Paying and considered as Legit.

I would suggest that if you want to invest in this site, you can start with a little investment until you make a profit.

So you have nothing to lose if you want to invest more to earn more.

Anyway, if you don’t want to invest you can start with FREE account and earn.

Payment Proof Withdrawals

AuroraMine Withdrawal


With regards to withdrawal, they don’t specify any requirements.

But based on my experience and some reports, you need to buy at least the minimum hashpower or you have invited and purchase a hashpower.

It’s really bugging me. So, please do share your experience so we can also inform the rest of the people.

Here are some FAQ’s about AuroraMine.

What is Aurora Mine?

Aurora Mine Limited is a developer of bitcoin mining hardware and offers safe investments in Bitcoin mining with easy.

What is the duration of my mining contract?

All of our mining contracts are running for lifetime such as our free mining offer.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0003 BTC.

Can I use Aurora Mine on my mobile device?

Yes! Aurora Mine is a mobile friendly service, just enter the panel like you would on your computer and do what needs to be done!

How often do I get paid?

We payout every 24 hours, meaning you’re getting bitcoin every day with ease.

How can I open an account?

Opening an account with us is as simple as clicking the sign-up button at the top of the page and filling out the registration form.

Do you charge for deposits or withdrawals?

No, We do not charge any type of fees for any withdrawals and deposits you have with us, what you withdraw is yours, we don’t take any % or cut.

How does this work?

Mining bitcoin is simple but usually expensive, we are here to change that, just deposit bitcoin and purchase your power, we do the rest.

Do you accept other payment methods?

No, we only accept bitcoin as the equipment we use can only be purchased using bitcoin.

How many confirmations until my deposit clears?

We require one confirmation for your deposits, this stops double spends and any other transaction errors.

When will I get my first payment?

You will get your first payment from us after only 24 hours!

Can I lose money with you?

No, you cannot lose money here, We make every effort to ensure the safety of your assets with our 256-Bit SSL and website encryption!

Will my free power expire?

Your free mining power will never expire.

And if you want to get more updates, subscribe to our mailing list below.

Don’t worry, we also hate spam and we will only send emails that we know it will be helpful for you.

254 thoughts on “AuroraMine Review: Make Money on AuroraMine [Scam/Legit?]”

  1. Gabriel says:

    it os legit 100% join with a minimal investment

    1. Chris says:

      Yup. Thanks for dropping by.

      1. cholopot says:

        403 Forbidden

        1. cholopot says:

          what happend.. ?

        2. iQuiel says:

          CLEAR CACHE

  2. Lihmpy says:

    Hi Chris. Thank you for informing me that this site is legitimate. I am planning to buy more power for to double my income. If you don’t mind, how much power did you purchase so far?

    1. Armin Makovec says:

      Hi. It is slightly incorrect to say this site is “legit” because is hasn’t been working for full 10 days yet, so nobody has broken even with their investments as of yet.
      However, this is IS PAYING for the moment, so at the very least you might be able to get back some of your investments.
      I, personally, invested EUR ~15, and from what I earned additional EUR4,17. Now I earned another EUR4,17 and I am still deciding whether to reinvest or withdraw them (I currently earn EUR ~2 per day).
      So, invest the amount you are prepared to lose, I wouldn’t go above EUR20 if I were you, and within 2 days you can reinvest earned money for free… Though it’s the end if the website shuts down before then…

      I hope my own personal experience can help you in making your own decision…

      1. Chris says:

        Hi Armin,

        Legit means they are conforming to the rules.

        So if they have legalities and paying their affiliates on the right amount, then they can be considered as Legit.

        It is not on the number of days to determine if they are Legit or Not.


        1. Aurelia says:

          Hello is this real and not scam at all? I am looking foward to help me get out of working very hard as cleaner just to have something to eat even as old i am . I found i can invest as low as £5 ??
          Please let me know and how can i withdraw my profit?
          Thank you and God is our witness.

        2. amit says:

          it was doing well.. i had withdrwan twice with least effort but today when i had withdraw the btc.. my account was deductd with the same amount but there was no transaction link and the same is not reflecting in my bitcoin wallet

          1. jsieg says:

            hey amit, did you get your withdraw yet? me too no transaction link

          2. Faris says:

            Me too, but gladly I got my investment payback. Just don’t add any deposit again.

        3. Ggwp says:

          Are they still doing well now a days?

    2. Chris says:

      Hi Lihmpy,

      I just started and only invested $5. I am still monitoring it in the meantime. 🙂

      Once I can assure that this site will long last, that time I will invest more.


      1. Lihmpy says:

        Thank you for your responses. If that’s the case then I’ll continuously monitor my BTC 0.0022 to grow and hoping that this site will last for long. 🙂

        1. Lihmpy says:

          I made my first withdrawal of 30,000 Satoshi and it didn’t take too long unlike when I sent them the bitcoins for buying extra powers. 🙂
          I’m pretty excited to get my investment back then buy more power.

          1. Md Siam says:


      2. isabel says:

        sir 403 forbidden as of now ang site babalik p po kaya ito or hnd n po kakainvest ko lng ng 1k ee

        1. iQuiel says:

          CLEAR CACHE

  3. Dale says:

    Hi Mr.Chris!
    Your deposit,how long did it take to be confirmed/verified? I deposited $5 to aurora thru and for 12hours it’s still “confirming”. Thank you for your response.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Dale,

      In my case, it only takes 1-2 hour before it was confirmed.

      If it will not be confirmed until 12NN today, you should try to contact support.


      1. benegan says:

        Can you send the investment directly using even without going to blockchain?

    2. raijin says:

      i used too and it took only a few minutes before they confirm the deposit.

      1. benegan says:

        How much would it cost for the processing fee when you directly pay using to uaroramine?

        1. Chris says:

          It depends on the BTC value. Today I think is more expensive.

          Anyway, you can check it first before confirming.

    3. sage99c says:

      HI Dale!

      Did auroramine confirm your deposit? how long did it take? This is happening to me also, deposited yesterday and its almost 24hrs and auroramine has not confirmed yet even though its already confirmed in the transaction hash.

    4. benegan says:

      Did you send the payment directly from to auroramine?
      I’m just wondering if how much would be the processing fee if it’s possible to send payment directly. Coz in my first payment, I used to to auroramine. The processing fees costs me a lot bigger than my investment in auroramine. 🙁

    1. Chris says:

      He got a point. There are possibilities that the company might be bankrupt if they cannot handle their money well.

      Or they have over-estimated their plans on how the business goes.

      That’s the reason why I do not recommend to invest more money until they get what they have invested.

      Maybe if you have a little extra money, then you can try it. There is no harm in trying.

      For now they are paying just right and hopefully it will last long.

  4. Jon says:

    so far it seems good, i have already withdrew 3 times after I invested 400.00 USD and its on the 10th day now. seems like their PH/S increases when its close to sold out. hopefully it will last because to get this kind of return of GH/s is way cheaper than any other cloud mining I’ve joined.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for dropping by. I am hoping the same thing. 🙂

  5. lorraine says:

    hello. im new at this btc and mining thing. can i clarify? SO SA 100POWER MO, it was turned to 605 in 10 days? thanks

    1. Chris says:

      You need to Buy Power to increase your HashPower (100GH/s).

      Or refer to earn additional HashPower.

  6. Aroramine says:

    Enjoy Mining….!

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks for dropping by.

  7. sage99c says:

    I deposited a certain amount of bitcoin yesterday to auroramine, the status in blockcypher says it is already confirmed, but in auroramine website, the status is still confirming. I emailed them twice at , but still no response. I don’t know if this site is legit or what.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Sage,

      You can submit your concerns to this email


      1. sage99c says:

        Thank you Chris , i will send them an email and hopefully they reply. Will update about this later..

      2. sage99c says:

        until now they can’t fix my deposit. they said”check now” last night and i checked, my deposit is still being confirmed in their website. I sent them an email again with the screenshot of my account.

      3. Jaami says:

        They do not respond. I sent mail to them for like 2 days now I still haven’t gotten any response from them.

        1. Lihmpy says:

          Hi Jaami,

          I had the same case to you when I made my first deposit. They don’t have any controls about processing the bitcoin payment , however, there might be someone who made the same transaction on their deposit address at the same time and at the same amount and that may cause the delay because the blockchain system us analyzing if there’s any duplicate payment or not. Just be patient and it will be process as soon as possible.

    2. Cryptonite says:

      Did you ever get the transaction confirmed?

      1. sage99c says:

        i got the transaction confirmed from my account but not in auroramine. this will definitely become a scam sooner or later.

  8. Jason Anthony Antecristo says:

    Hello good day. My experience is that they actually pay plus i dont have to wait for so many hours for my widrawal.

    1. Chris says:

      Yup. I also tested it myself. It only takes a few minutes to get the payment.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

      1. rpt says:

        Hello. I deposited $7 but I am unable to withdraw. i’m trying to sent it to my bitcoin wallet at but it says I have to deposit .00115 not sure what that means. I tried emailing support twice but no reply yet.

  9. miah29 says:

    please any one can help me i cant withdraw from aurora mine. i deposit already 5.03$ but couldnt withdraw. they always show me this message. please any one help me.

    You must first deposit an amount of at least 0.00115000 to withdraw balance. Alternatively, you cab invite a user who made a deposit!

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Mia,

      That might be the safety net of the company. If you can’t invite that will Buy Power, then just invest at least $5.


      1. sage99c says:

        she deposited $5 already but still couldn’t withraw

        1. Chris says:

          Let’s say she already deposited $5. But the minimum invest to withdraw is $10, so she still need to invest another $5.

          As the company grows, they can be a little strict with it.

          You can also contact their support for more questions.. .:)

          1. Cocobaba says:

            I deposit over $16 but still cant withdraw. I got the same error. Have to invest 0.0011500 and that’s only equzvalent to some P300+. So i dont know

  10. Mary Anne says:

    Hello i would like to know if i can earn even i am not online?

    1. Chris says:

      Yes. You can still earn even you are not logged in to your account. 🙂

  11. Mary Anne says:

    Hi Chris!

    Thanks for the answer, may i know what is the meaning of server time? is this something to do with
    the money they holding or pay outs?

    Thanks for the answer.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Mary,

      That is the number of days our site is live on the internet. 🙂

      The site is still new.

      1. Mary Anne says:

        Thanks Chis!

        May i know if i invest like for instance 500 usd can i withdraw money anytime? or they have maturity days of holding days before i get back money? and how sure that this website is paying off? did you get paid? also? how much if you dont mine me asking.

        Thank you!

        1. Chris says:

          Yes, you can withdraw the money any time once you reached the minimum threshold 0.0003 BTC or around $1.30.

          I have invested around $20+, and in 2 days I was able to withdraw $6+.

          For now, I just want to get the money I invested before I will reinvest again.

          Since this is still new and not fully established yet, there is a possibility that it will go down.

          So, I suggest invest your extra cash only. 🙂

          1. Amitah says:

            Hi invested 600 usd.And got 2 times wdrawal amtng to 300 usd though zi am still waiting for it to appera in my bank accounts.I was wondering if someone can teach me how to pull out my total initial investment?I cant seem to find it online.Thanks in advance

  12. Al says:

    Did you get your investment back now? Its 12 days already

    1. Chris says:

      I just registered last Oct. 4. I was able to withdraw $6 already, and I have $5 in my account as of today. 🙂

      I can withdraw every day, but I am still saving it for now.

      1. rpt says:

        bro how much did you invest if i may ask. Maybe that is the case of me unable to cash out. i only deposited $7 maybe it requires to put in more. I just put in minimal amount to check if it indeed pays out but as I am unable to withdraw I am agitated.

  13. Gabandzy says:

    Can i withdraw the 30,000 satoshi even i’m not buy a hash power?

    1. Chris says:

      I’m not sure about that, but based on some affiliates problem. It can be you can only withdraw if you have invested, or you have referrals that have invested.


    2. CryptoCom says:

      No. it’s a scam project, looks like classic ponzi scheme. If you invite someone they promise commissions, they can only pay from new clients who paid…

  14. CJ TUPAZ says:

    earn with unlimited income join now…
    You can earn for free, Recommended investment is $25 above for faster earning…
    Join now guys and have unlimited income…
    Got my 3rd payout.. Hurry guys.. 🙂 Happy earning

  15. Himanshu says:

    What does “available power” and ” power in use” means ?

  16. Mengkie says:

    Is the hash power decrease as time passes by I mean is it consumables? tia

    1. Chris says:

      Nope. Once you purchase the Power it is all yours.

  17. Scorpio says:

    Its legit…. I love ittt……

  18. ronel says:

    if i add another 5usd it will doubled my %of earning daily? or it will give me another pack that is earning 10% daily.. just asking

    1. Chris says:

      Yes. An additional HasPower to increase your earnings per day.

      1. akash says:

        hey cris ,
        i buy power of 1000% , plz tell me does it worth to spend money in this and for how much tenure its last long , can i withdrawl my 1000% as somebody told me its a spam..

  19. Arnell says:

    It works! 🙂

  20. Erdine G. Tenestrante says:

    Hi Chris,
    may i know what will input here?

    Calculate your investment plan and earnings


    HASHPOWER:500 GH/s
    PROFIT:0.53 USD = 10.0% of investment
    Deposit bitcoinsDeposit balance

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Erdine,

      No need to input anything on that. That is only a calculator. Once you made a payment on the Wallet Address, it will automatically be reflected in your Buy Power Transaction.

      The Wallet Address in your account is a unique address.


  21. brylle says:

    its posible to widraw the amount even we dont invest?

  22. david says:

    Hello Chris,
    I also invested 10 $ already, but I’m interested what does this “POWER IN USE: 238.774 PH/s” and
    “AVAILABLE POWER: 315.000 PH/s” mean? As I can understand it is 315-238=77 PH/s left for investing, and when it will be nothing left to invest, what’s then? They will add extra “AVAILABLE POWER” or they will just shut the site down? 🙂 And if so, how long we have until site closing? 🙂
    Thank you in advance

  23. Dizon says:

    It turned out that this is also a scam! Just now, I can’t access their website.

  24. Ali says:

    i have a big problen
    im in 9th day
    and the website is down to me by
    403 forbidden error

  25. Btest says:

    403 forbidden error, what now?

  26. Himanshu says:

    Website cant be reached.
    Scam revealed or server problm?

    1. Chris says:

      This should be due to the high volume of traffic and they need to do some maintenance.

      I am able to access the site now.


  27. chipon says:

    403 forbidden error

    1. Chris says:

      This should be due to the high volume of traffic and they need to do some maintenance.

      I am able to access the site now.


  28. Maria Isabel Perez says:

    Well I heard, a lot of people have withdrawn their btc and showed proofs that were really paid out. I’m already at my .0001+ , surprisingly as I visiting my account just tonight, the website is not working.. Anyway, there are signs of difficulties in logging in earlier.

    1. chipon says:

      Technical problems.I think, every body is safe for now.

  29. Giovanni says:

    403 forbidden from italo i loto 50€ …

    1. Chris says:

      This should be due to the high volume of traffic and they need to do some maintenance.

      I am able to access the site now.


  30. Brdf says:

    New answers???????

    I am in the same situation…..

    1. Chris says:

      This should be due to the high volume of traffic and they need to do some maintenance.

      I am able to access the site now.


  31. Lihmpy says:

    Hey guys!

    I also had the same situations like yours. I admit that I am still observing this website and for some reason, they went operational again. They said that due to serious problems that have affected the performance, they had to take the website offline for a short time to eliminate the errors. Maybe this facebook link will help us to get some updates. You may also click the Facebook Icon on the top-right corner of the page.

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks for dropping by. I was thinking the same thing.

      They have reached 100K+ members in just days, so they need to increase their server to handle this kind of traffic.

      1. Iree says:

        Are you still able to withdraw?

        1. Chris says:

          Yes. This is still paying. 🙂

  32. Anne says:

    I just withraw for about 30 mins. Ago… but stilll I have’nt reveived it yet.. how long will it take to transfer to my coin wallet?.. .my coin wallet says it is receiving, but until now, nothing happened. What do I do next?

    1. Anne says:

      Yes!I received it already!… my first withdrawal!…. 1.61 USD. Thank you auroramine!…

      1. rpt says:

        hi anne.. may i ask how much did you invest to be able to withdraw? i have the error “deposit 0.00115 ” thing and still am unable to withdraw as of today. I have $5.30 in my account now but I cant take out any of it.

        1. Anne says:

          Hi rpt, i just invested $5. yesterday at 5pm was my 2nd withdrawal amounting $1.55. It only takes a few minutes to transfer my pay out to my coin wallet….:)

  33. mhonay11 says:

    hello i want to ask if you can withdraw your earnings without invite

  34. Tanay bhatt says:

    I want to know that if will not invest in auroramine and sigh up as a free member then in this case site will pay the 0.0003 bitcoin or not

    1. Anne says:

      I invested 5 USD and as of now, i don’t have invites… well, as far as I know, you cannot withdraw without the minimum investment of 5USD. I invested last Sunday and today is my 3rd day in Aurora mine… I already had my first withdrawal.

  35. Robie says:

    AuroraMine Cloud Mining | Register now and get your free 100 GH/s hashpower!

    * By just signing up you can earn 3.37 USD/mo
    * Minimum payout/withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC or $1.45 USD
    * Minimum investment is 0.00115 BTC or $5.54 USD
    * Withdraw every 24 hours
    * Daily earnings is 10% of your total investment
    * Bonus hashpower from referrals
    * Cashback guarantee after 10 days
    * No networking and no need to invite people
    * Once you invest, unlimited income, no need to reinvest.
    * After 10 days, bawi n ang puhunan. Tuloy lang ang ligaya

    Pwedeng magregister ka lang muna para masubukan!!
    Tara na sabay sabay tayong magpayaman!!
    PM lang para mabigyan kita ng tips at kung may question reply agad once magonline.

    #AuroraMine #EarnMoneyOnline #PassiveIncome #CloudMining

  36. Nanpin says:

    I just try now to withdraw my earnings but it can’t. Auroramine required me to deposit again and invest another 0.00115000 or ask someone who will invest. Is there anyone here who experience this?

  37. Penpen says:

    I bought additional power and soes not reflect on my transactions. The status in blockchain is completed. How is this happening?

    1. Jake says:

      Sir chris. I am a member of aurora mine. Yesterday i buy power worth 500. Din iphone user ako so yung 1st code na transaction ko i copy it then i paste it sa ph coin ko. Din ngayun nag invest ako 500 same code ginamit ko succesfully sent. Pero wala ako na receive. 365yGAJJ8AP1gfMp1uJGvtW38cKuDT8aty Yan na code gamit ko. Din ngayun ko lang nalaman everytime you buy power ang code pala nag iiba. Kc sa iphone kailangan mo pa e copy talaga yung mga codes e. Huhuhuhuhu😭😭😭 Tsk pwede paka ya ma return sakin yung investment ko?

      1. Chris says:

        Hi Jake,

        When you Buy Power again, you will be given a different Wallet Address.

        You should a check the Buy Power, before doing another transaction.

        Just try to contact them.


  38. yeni6 says:

    they really pay i witdraws 5 times ,100%good

  39. vegafriamk says:

    hi Admin, how long do you think this site will be active/paying? I invested $200 and im on my 3rd day today, later this afternoon will be my 3rd payout =) but what i am doing is i am just reinvesting it everytime it gets deposited on my account. it is a good idea?

    1. Dar says:

      May I suggest that instead of withdrawing the money and then reinvest it,you should try the deposit balance option. No hustle and no additional deductions from

      1. vegafriamk says:

        thats a good idea, already tried it out =) hopefully it last for atleast couple of month so we’ll have a merry christmas hehehe

      2. vegafriamk says:

        and thank you for that suggestion, i appreciate it =)

  40. cuong says:

    Conditions to withdraw money from auroramine

  41. CJ TUPAZ says:

    [link deleted]
    Invest wait and earn, 10% daily of your
    invesment upto lifetime come now and
    Join,.. Invest 0.01 BTC to start.. LEGIT

  42. Johan says:

    Had a 403 error twice cleared the browsers cache and cookies got back in everytime
    so far recovered my investment+ and grew this from $5 to$150 now splitting the daily amount
    half back in half in wallet i am happy

  43. Bode says:

    Legit, meeting up wt their promise fir now, all we need is for them to last at least for 6months

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks for dropping by. I am also hoping the same.

      Hope they can last at least a year.

  44. Lito says:

    hi sir chris, I invested from your given link and in 4 hrs. from now will be my 4th payout 🙂

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Lito,

      That’s good to hear. 🙂

      More power to us and hope that this business will really last long.

  45. Maciej says:

    will my buyed power expire?

  46. sateio says:

    Since oct 11, withdrawl without trx link and i hadn’t got my payment until now. So be careful…

  47. velski69 says:

    I just made my 5th withdraw yesterday but still havent received yet, its already been 17hrs, be careful guys, i think i now were this one will go!!!


    1. velski69 says:

      If i dont get my pay in 24hrs this site is already a SCAM!!!

    2. velski69 says:





  48. Cristopher M. Castro says:

    I made a withdrawal this morning and receive it in just few minutes. It works!

  49. crypto practicer says:

    any update? still paying??

    1. velski69 says:





      1. Thorsten says:

        you got something or still waiting ?

    2. Chris says:

      Hi Crypto,

      I just receive my payments today. So this site is still paying.

  50. benjamin says:

    Thank you Chris. Anyother site like this?

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Benjamin,

      Yes. You can try Coinmin –>

  51. Thorsten says:

    Hi im by Aurora too and invest no more as i could loo.
    At first the offer is to good to be real.
    Second I got my transfers In areas of 2 usd. that’s nothing.

    I started to watch around (suppose to do that before but the nice numbers was coming out of calculation made me blind :))

    The company is registered in UK (admin hopefully you will not delete the link to government website.) There is Harvey Brown as CEO but there is only Harvey Brown nobody else. According to web site there are different data center in the world what autora mining is using.. According to Website at last suppose to be an Co-Founder, CFO, CTO or who ever else.
    Ask your self is it possible that big company having view data center world wide, thats mean we are speaking here about multinational company, have as only one employee Harvey Brown ? And not even co-founder is registered ?
    Next Harvey is according to British company register 20 years old !?
    Look on the web site is this a face of 20 years old man ?
    Next no tel number on the web site… or do I miss something ?
    Any way that’s my thoughts. Form my point of view I will try to pull out so much as I can in next days till used hash will rich a viable hash that will be in this tempo in approx. 3-4 days.

  52. Henk says:

    I’m on for 5 days now, invested € 100 and go withdrawals every day (24 hrs). My total withdrawal now is € 55,00. And still counting. From all the mining options I have this one is doing the best job. I’m excited to see what will happen the coming days!

    1. Thorsten says:

      yep me too I think the interesting point will be if used hash power will touch availability. In this moment will be no income for the web site any more so… let see till now per day availability hash power reducing by 150-180k PH/s per 24h that’s mean we will be there in approx. 3 days

  53. Kurt says:

    I just signed up under your referral link, how long does it take before the deposit confirms? Its almost 3hours now…

  54. daze says:

    hey guys, can I use any of my wallets, e.g. Exodus, to buy mining power on Aurora? thank you

    1. Chris says:

      You can use any Bitcoin Payment Processor.

      1. daze says:

        Not sure what a “Bitcoin Payment Processor” is…I have an Exodus wallet, can I use that to fund Aurora to start mining?

  55. daze says:

    Also, why cant I find any information online about any of the CxO’s?
    Nothing on Harvey Brown, Aiden Andrews, Nicole Whitehouse or John Weston…I smell a rat…

  56. Fidel says:

    Must I invest before i can withdraw my bitcoin mined with free hashpower?

  57. fernando says:

    I just got my withdrawal 30 miniute.i invested 50$.

  58. Cryptonite says:

    Just bought a lifetime contract of 500 GH/s for $6.42. I would have registered under your name but ran into this website after I purchased. Will purchase a few more lifetime 500GH/s contracts and keep you updated. I used Bitcoin to purchase as I saw no other option other than the BTC you aquire through them.

  59. Cryptonite says:

    Bought 3 more 500 contracts for a total of 2600 GH/s. Waiting for the 4th transaction to clear and also waiting for the third transaction to be credited to my hash power. Have been attempting to go on their website but get the error message for about 15 minutes now.

  60. Anne says:

    Just got my 3rd payout! 🙂

  61. Taron says:

    Why can’t I sent btc Directly from my bitcoin wallet such as bitpay or blockchain. I must go thru

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Taron,

      You can use any Bitcoin Payment Processor.

      I tried on Blockchain and and it works just fine.


      1. Taron says:

        Hi Thanks for swift reply. But I currently have bitcoin on my personal bitpay Wallet. Can I fund my account directly using my bitpay mobile wallets.

  62. OYINLOLA Akeem says:

    Error 503
    Temporarily not available, this is what is displayed on my account
    What happened

    1. Cryptonite says:

      It’s an error message that comes and goes. It will eventually clear and the website will be available again. Not sure the cause. Sometimes it clears within a minute other times I’ve waited 15+ minutes before being able to get back on.

  63. Cryptonite says:

    So far so good, well still waiting to be able to do my first payout. I’ve invested a total of seven 500GH/s contracts but have credit for only 6. For some reason one of the deposits I made last night hasn’t been added to my hash power. It is show on the deposit history but it’s still showing “confirming” on the status. I emailed Aurora and am waiting for a response. P.S. The 503 error comes and goes.

  64. Cryptonite says:

    Finally able to do my first pay out of $2.07. Now I can say so far so good. Thinking about buying several more lifetime contracts but debating if I should wait till I get my first investment back.

    1. jommar says:

      hi Sir – how much was your deposit?

      1. Cryptonite says:

        I first bought 4 contracts of 500GH/s for 6.42 each plus about a 25% fee. It totalled around $30.

  65. warren says:

    hello chris

    i just want know ,before sending money to auroramine using . is it recommended that u shud ,make your account first verified to lvl 3???????

    1. Chris says:

      Not necessarily. As long as your transaction will not exceed the limit.

  66. jommar says:

    Hi Chris ,
    I am trying to withdraw the minimum amount. unfortunately, they are requiring me to have a deposit of at least 0.00116 BTC. I have deposited more than that though its staggered deposit.

  67. Thorsten says:

    It took 4 hours (I thought already that’s it) but I got 35 usd let see how is going

  68. Steven says:

    Hi Chris,

    Is it possible to directly transfer the minimum of 0.00115 BTC to my friend’s Auroramine account from my Auroramine account without transaction fee? The deal here is that my friend will pay me the equivalent Peso account so that he will not pay the hefty transfer fee of and I will earn at the same time.

    1. Chris says:

      There is no option to transfer the balance to another account.

      1. Steven says:

        You can input in your receiver wallet address the wallet address of your friend’s Auroramine account.

        1. Steven says:

          The bitcoin receiver address in buy power of my friend’s auroramine account.

  69. vaibhav says:

    i am mining with 100GH/s free.. i reach 1.73 $ withdrawal limit.. i am trying to withdrawal from site .. but site saying you have to deposit 0.001 btc for withdrawal .. site promised its free …

  70. vaibhav says:

    its not scam site

  71. vaibhav says:

    its scam site

  72. Lukes says:

    Hi, what will happen if i buy more power for example i purchased 500 GH/s, will that 500 GH/s last for a lifetime or it will run out after 20 days?

    1. Chris says:

      The power you buy is lifetime. We just hope that the company will last long.

  73. rj says:

    nagdeposit po ako ngayon ng usd 6.4. di po nagreflect sa deposit history ko, bakit po ganun? nawala na ba ung naideposit ko? 🙁

    1. jommar says:

      Sir RJ – na confirm mo ba na tama yun deposit wallet ng Auroramine? kasi na- experience ko na yun deposit wallet ni Auroramin ay nag iiba iba(Looping). nangyari kasi sakin na yun link na ginamit ko sa first deposit ay sya din ginamit ko sa 2nd deposit. 3 days pagitan nun 1st at 2nd deposit. unfortunately, ndi pumasok yun 2nd deposit ko kasi nag iba pala yun deposit wallet ni Auroramine under my account.

      1. rj says:

        first time ko pa lng po magdeposit. tama naman po ginamit ko.wala nman akong ginawa. copy lang. di pa din sya ngrereflect. T_T

  74. Richard says:

    They pay!! Alredy cash out 3 times. Dont miss your chance, register here [link deleted]

  75. Charles says:

    I would like to close my account on aurora mine but I can’t find the way to do it. How could I close forever my account? I already sent an email on aurora support. I would be thankful for any adivsie.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Charles,

      I don’t think there’s an option for that. You can try to contact their support.


  76. RASHID AHMAD says:

    sir…………….can i deposit from my Bittrex account as i want to buy 150 USD hash power , do i have to feed amount in calculator or i have to just send the btc and it will calculate automatically and generate my hash power . kindly suggest me what i have do buy hashpower.

    is this site still paying ……………

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Rashid,

      Yes. This is still paying. I am withdrawing every day to make sure that this is still paying. And I just receive my payments today.

      You can send it directly to the Wallet Address on Buy Power. That is a unique address address in your account.

      On the description, just also add “Auroramine Buy Power, Username”.


  77. RASHID AHMAD says:

    thanks chris …………for the suggestion ….

  78. gennevieve says:

    hi..does anyone know po where to buy bitcoin for my blockchain wallet? please help…thanks malaki kasi yung fee if magtransfer from to blockchain..

    1. Cryptonite says:

      The two fastest ways I found was to use the Bitcoin app and select buy Bitcoin with credit card or use a Bitcoin ATM if there is one near you.

    2. Pearly says:

      You can buy . bitcoin release is instant

  79. krist says:

    sir chris, i dont have any referrals so it means i should at least deposit $15 po para makapag withdraw?
    and how about the wallet adress? because some of beginners just like me sends their money to a wrong adress

  80. boris says:

    Still paying?

    My sponsor told me that she is waiting more than 24 hours and I think that is not good sign or?

  81. jack tantiado says:

    hello… it is true, it is paying site. i withdraw my income everyday and it helps me so much. i am not rely on referrals or to push them to purchase extra power in order to get another extra power but what i have done is making my own investment or purchasing more extra power to earn more income everyday. after purchasing any amount of extra hash power, (big or small amount) 10 days is enough to recover your whole capital. yes! 10 days only. in auroramine, your decision is your income. decide to buy hash power which is equivalent with your desired daily income and this is exactly what I did. for those who are not yet registered, you may click this link or copy and paste it in your browser to open the site. [link deleted] start it now.

  82. Cryptonite says:

    I went ahead and bought several more 500Gh/s contracts and am awaiting the 24hr period to make my second payout. I am running a total of 10100GH/s and things looking good so far but as Chris says let’s pray the site lasts a good while. I would withdraw my earnings as soon as you’re able to just to be safe. Would suck to find the site went dead before getting payed out. I’ll keep you guys posted.

  83. Dean says:

    My wife has invested twice from her coins ph account with no issue, we have now made our money back and made a big investment but now 40 hours later we are still waiting for this to be confirmed. Any idea’s

  84. daze says:

    I have successfully deposited $10 worth of BTC into Auroramine (my transaction history confirms this). Now I am trying to buy hash power worth $10 and get the following error message:
    “You don’t have enough Balance on your AuroraMine balance. Mine more or buy power with bitcoins.”

    I get the same error message if I try to buy with $9 too.
    Since their support email address never responds, can someone here help please?
    thank you

    1. daze says:

      So the “Deposit History” confirms that I have put $10 into Aurora, however, the “Buy Hashpower” USD value has not increased whatsoever – does this take time, even though the blockchain has been confirmed 6 times already?

      1. Steven says:


        You should wait for your deposit to be confirmed which take 1 to several hours.
        After confirmation the status should be ‘done’ on your deposit history, after that your hashpower will increase.

        1. daze says:

          that’s the thing, my “Deposit History” Status says “Done” for over an hour already – however, none of this money I deposited is available to me for buying more hash-power.
          Does it take a few hours to get from “completed deposit with status=done” to “being able to buy more hashing power”?

          1. Cryptonite says:

            Make sure you refresh the “buy power” option every time right before you deposit. If you don’t you run the risk of losing your deposit as I did on one of my deposits. I made several deposits before and after that single delayed deposit and all have gone through with no issue except that one that I didn’t refresh the buy power option.

  85. Ipodbob says:

    If you want to join I will give back 100% of the first two days of deposit bonus in BTC to your wallet, add me on telegram to confirm the details 😛 we can all be winners! TG = @Ipodbob

    [link deleted]

  86. gustave says:

    Hi Chris

    601.005 PH/s

    900.000 PH/s

    does this mean when it’s 900.00PH/s for power in use no more minning for us?

  87. Cryptonite says:

    Made my second payout. Things still looking good. Just also curious what’s going to happen once the available PH is gone. Hopefully they “re-up” on it before it goes out.

  88. Jansen says:

    Hi Chris,

    I deposited 2.50usd and 5.85usd. It earn 2.27usd already with min withdraw of 1.70usd Trying to withdraw but it says that i need to deposit 0.0015000 again or invite.

  89. Evan says:

    Made a couple of deposits. The largest deposit I made a couple of days ago is still confirming. Worked well until I put some serious dough in there. Also support is nonexistent. I’ve sent about ten emails with no reply

    1. Cryptonite says:

      One of my deposits also has not cleared yet there are a few before and after that all cleared and I received hash power for. I have a theory that you must always refresh the “buy power” option before making a deposit otherwise your deposit will go to an incorrect wallet and you won’t get your hash power. I believe Chris also mentioned something about this in past posts.

  90. krist says:

    did anyone here tried depositing separated 3 payments of $6.63?

    1. Cryptonite says:

      I did multiple deposits of the minimum which was $6.42 when I first deposited

      1. krist says:

        did you already received your 1st payout? cryptonite

  91. Karen says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just wondering how long will the referrals can reflect on your account?

    1. Chris says:

      It should be unlimited, but up to 3rd Level only.

  92. Anne says:

    Just got my 4th payout!… so far… my investment last Sunday was totally back right now, and I earned almost $1…thanks Aurora mine!…. 🙂

  93. Onik says:

    I have purchased $95 worth of power, 3 days and the website still says Confirming and the power has not been added to my account.

    I have emailed Support 4 times, NO response, I have withdrawn after this event, it deposited into my wallet,

    But the power is still not add and no reply from Support!

  94. Thorsten says:

    HI I got today 45 usd played out let see what is with next payment today night. Its look like there are more and more problems happening what I was expecting so far will come more and more to 900 available power they will complicated it

  95. Eduard says:

    Sir, As of today, is it still worth to invest 6$+ to auroramine? is it still paying?

  96. Eduard says:

    One more thing sir, if i dont purchase power or invest, And i have 1 of the referrals that invest/buy power, will i be able to cashout?

  97. fernando says:

    i got my 4th withdrawal no isues at all.investment 50$ already 18$ withdrawn

  98. boris says:

    I received my second cashout. Everything is working fine for now.

  99. Eduard says:

    how can i send btc from to coinbase while address keeps on changing? or can i just send btc from to auroramine directly?

  100. Cryptonite says:

    Received my 3rd payout. Still paying out for me and haven’t had issues withdrawing. One issue was with buying more hash power, transaction has not cleared after 3 days.

    1. PIPZ says:

      I have a withdrawal issue. I made multiple deposit using a total of $7.66 which is higher than the minimum deposit requirements . Both payment are reflected on aurora mine deposit history shows DONE. But still can’t withdraw . Still saying need to deposit the minimum of $6.59 but I’ve already made much higher. Someone help me plz. Thanks

      1. jommar says:

        same thing happens to me. I think you need to make a deposit of 6.59$ as one time deposit. that’s what I will try soon.

        1. PIPZ says:

          But I have a friend made same multiple payment and successfully withdraw .

          1. mhvalenzuela says:

            Hi, were you able to withdraw already?

            1. PIPZ says:

              luckily yes, I did one time deposit of 7.00$ again. So I encourage them to make one time payment which is higher than the minimum deposit.

      2. Cryptonite says:

        All my deposits have been the minimum for the 500GH/s and I have had smooth withdrawals every time so perhaps it is necessary to deposit a full $6.59 or whatever it is now for the ability to withdraw but I’m not sure. I would try doing a full 500GH/s deposit and see if that works. After all $7.00 is not a large amount if it’s lost. People pay about that much for a Starbucks drink lol.

        1. Eduard says:

          Sir, do you have an idea how it goes after it reaches the 900ph/s available power?

          1. Cryptonite says:

            Not 100% sure but it should increase PH/s before the 900k is reached.

  101. Eduard says:

    I think i need to wait until the 900 ph/s runs out before I invest. Let’s see what will happen after that.

    1. Chris says:

      Probably they will increase it before it happens.

      At the start it only had 315PH/S.

  102. Benjamin says:

    October 17 and it is still paying 😀 3rd payout already

  103. Mark says:

    What’s the status as of today? Still paying ?

    1. Chris says:

      Still paying. I will update my post anyway if I will not receive my payments.

  104. Puffy says:

    I requested my first withdraw today ($1100 i.e. 0.19590948btc) but it is over 1hr and I haven’t received it and it is not showing as pending in btc wallet. I hope tthe btc will appear in my account in few minutes or hrs. It is currently taking than expected.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Puffy,

      Did you able to receive your payments?

      1. Puffy says:

        Yes, the payment came through. I guess the initial problem wasn’t from them; it has been “confirmed”.

  105. ACE says:

    Hard Fork is coming, is it ok to invest? or wait until its over?

  106. Lekkyzander says:

    Pls,i could not login my auroramine account after i invested $17 yesterday.login attempt fail is what have been receiving since yesterday.i even reset my password its still the same thing.pls i help

    1. Chris says:


      I am also a member in Auroramine. We only have the same access.

      With regards to this kind of problem only the Auroramine Support can help.

      Please also double check email and password correctly.


      1. Lekkyzander says:

        Thanks its my password error thanks

  107. seafarer says:

    Actually this HYIP seems to be paying.
    But it is a Ponzi scheme same like many HYIPs. This means one time it will collapse and the owners will be the one who are the winner and the last investors will be the losers.
    It is up to you all if you recommend something that will stop for sure after some time.
    I have done research. The CEO and the CTO seem to be not legit. The CTO was the one who registered the company at the companies house. According to the personal details Mr. Harvey Brown is 20 yrs old. The CEO on the pictures is at least 30+ years. The foto of the CTO you can find on the internet. Not sure if this foto has been stolen.
    From my view it is smelling a bit fishy. Using faked staff is always a sign of a scam.
    Regards Ingo

    1. Chris says:


      I have nothing to say. You are right about that. 🙂

      That’s the reason why I don’t advise them to invest more.

      I registered not just to earn, but to warn people if they are no longer paying.

      So I need to be part of it. Though in every business there is always a risk.

    2. boris says:

      I agree, but in fact many systems are ponzi and people make money there, not just a leaders.

      I am a freelancer ( web app tester )and I am working for real company, but from time to time I try some passive income.

      One big difference between Aurora mine and other systems is that is no direct affiliate commission and that system may last longer than others.

      For example someone dont invested anything and just trying to refer people in that case will increase just Hashpower and needs to wait to make cashout. ( If referrals make investments )

      In other systems members get direct amount in btc or $ and made cashouts and that is reason why systems collapsed very fast.

      In fact real mining sites have similar system.

      I think that Aurora is some type of hybrid program between HYIP and real mining site.

      Also I like it very much that there is not commission from FREE members, their Hashpower didnt counted.

      I think also that Aurora can last a little longer than standard HYIP program but of course there is no rules.

  108. Lekkyzander says:

    How long do you advice one to withdraw its investment

    1. Cryptonite says:

      Withdraw every 24 hrs or every chance you get

  109. akito says:

    I believe that the Hash Power invested has no expiration. I’m thinking how can the company earn from us if this is the case. For example you invested 500GH hash power then after 10days you will have your invested money back because of the 10% profit then after that you add 500GH again and so on…until you reach to the point that you already have your money back and only profit is running and days later your hash power can be huge because of no expiration… ^_^ Actually I started last night only for 10USD , I think this is a gamble game , Make the best of it while it’s young and I hope this will last long..Hopefully the CEO give atleast 1yr if this is really a PONZI.. It’s too good to be true 10% a day..

    1. Cryptonite says:

      I agree, seems too good to be true but so far it’s been paying out. The way they may be making profit is by mining fees but who knows for sure. I guess we just have to take advantage and make as much as we can while only risking what we can afford to lose. It’s good that after the 10th day or sooner you get your initial investment back. I have about 5 days to go to get my investment back so we’ll see. Fingers crossed and praying it lasts.

  110. Omar says:

    I think this site same as genesis-mining its possible they have the assets like genesis-mining…. Genesis-mining have more 3years since they’re launch cloud mining.. Hopefully auroramine has still maintain.. I’ll keep supporting

  111. Lekkyzander says:

    Pls,is there a relaible mining site and if there is,
    pls kindly reply

    1. Cryptonite says:

      Genesis mining and

  112. Aurora Mine says:

    I have been using this site for 14 days and it has paid back my money and more! I had invested £30 and let it build up for 10 days and I withdrew my money (£30) straight away…..

    Since then I have re-invested all extra money I make each day and I withdraw a nice amount each day and re-invest into other projects…… Its all good. Like a few people have said, just invest a little you can afford.

    You can get a really good deal by signing up with this link where you get FREE POWER!

    Simply Click My Username For FREE POWER

  113. Cryptonite says:

    Did my 4th withdraw today. Still paying for me.

  114. Cryptonite says:

    They have now increase the available PH/s to 1.8m. Awesome. Now just wondering how it’s going to be come the forks.

  115. Thorsten says:

    I got in last 2 days 100 usd from Autotaminer… they lifted aviable hash power now to 1800

    1. Cryptonite says:

      Nice. How much hash power are you running?

  116. radharaman khare says:

    this site is legit i have taken withdrawl within 24 hours
    if you want any help email me i will guide you to deposit or withdraw money from auroramine
    please use my referral link to join auroramine
    [link deleted]

  117. Ozblue says:

    Newbie Question. If I invested money to auroramine would it stay invested like forever?

  118. sovan says:

    See details of their company . . The CEO is only 20 years old. do you think he looks like the photo given in ( Harvey BROWN)?? Rest depends on you all to invest or not! thanks 🙂

  119. boris says:

    Only thing which is important is does it pay or no. On my blog I make update every single day with cashout proofs…

    1. Omar says:

      Me too. I have nearly earn my money back n keep happy mining

    2. jsieg says:

      hey boris, why i not get any transaction link when withdraw but status say done, i cant get my money

      1. Faris says:

        Me too, but gladly I got my investment payback. Just don’t add any deposit again.

  120. Zette says:

    would it be possible to make transaction in Php(philippine peso?) thankss

    1. akito says:

      Yes, I got my first withdrawal today using COINPH with PH wallet account instead of using BTC wallet.. Coinph has dual wallet you can use PH or BTC.. You can visit and check my video for proof of my widrawal live.. Here

  121. akito says:

    Guys I’m going to promote this really, I got my first withdrawal today and you can check my video in youtube for proof. Here’s the video hope you all like it,,,

    Don’t forget to like my video and subscribe.. I’m going to update my 2nd..3rd and so on withdrawal… Thanks.
    “make sure you only invest the money that you can afford to lose..!! Seeyah..

  122. fernando says:

    i withdraw 6 times without any issue.30$ already.invested 50$

  123. Cryptonite says:

    Did my 5th withdrawal today. Still paying for me.

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