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Prolazydad aims to share on how to make money online right in the comfort of your own home.

Sure, people might think that it’s a scam and that the real money comes in from working on traditional 9-5 jobs. But that’s a big fat lie.

The internet is a gold mine. 

We’ve started earning side money back in 2012 and our online side income has helped our young family in countless ways — kid’s tuition fees, hospitalizations, birthday celebrations, gadget purchases, out of town expenses, groceries and in a whole lot of ways.

But of course, you shouldn’t take our words for it. You should experience it yourself. And we’d be happy to help you along the way.

Why Prolazydad?

Prolazydad is a word that best describes me, Chris —  a dad of two kids and a millennial professional working for Fortune 500 companies. I consider myself as a “lazy” one by creating easy and efficient systems to get my work done earlier than it should be; making me as one of the top consistent employees for the two companies I’ve been with since I started my career.

But there’s more to life than certificates and awards.

So I, along with my wife Ann, decided to launch a blog that would help people make money online while juggling their full-time job and eventually safely transition from the 9-5 grind to a work-from-home job. 

‘Cause here’s the truth, friend….

You don’t need to be stuck in an 8-hour job and merely making both ends meet.

You don’t have to work for a company who doesn’t value your worth.

You don’t have to tirelessly get your ass off to work at 8 a.m. until you turn 65; only to rely on a limited retirement fund.

You don’t live just to work. 

Here at Prolazydad, you’ll learn:

  • Ways on how to make money online from freelancing, blogging and doing micro jobs.
  • Relevant and honest blogging tips based on our experience over the last five years of blogging.
  • Freelance tips and advice on how to put up a thriving freelance business
  • Work-from-home lifestyle advice
  • Helpful challenge prompts that will help you conquer your fear and kick-off a stable remote job
  • And anything in between that will guide and help you on how to earn an income online and live the life you want.

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Meet the Authors

Chris is the founder and the “dad” behind Prolazydad.com. He started blogging back in 2012 while earning side income through micro job sites. As he worked for Fortune 500 companies, he realized office job isn’t for him. He’s a lazy dad who’d find easy and efficient ways to accomplish office tasks and even in life.

Catch more of him here on Prolazydad as he shares his knowledge on WordPress, SEO, Blogging and basically on how to make money online.

Ann is the co-founder and wife of Prolazydad — Chris. She is a technophobic turned tech enthusiast who now considers the internet as a goldmine (of money and knowledge). On spare time, you can catch her reading good books and online articles or scavenging the net for the latest blogging, tech and entrepreneur news.

A self-learner and pursuer of big dreams. Catch more of her here on Prolazydad as she shares freelance advice and tips on how you can make money online even if you’re running a household.